Oh! Hello there, James didn’t see you come in. Allow James to introduce himself.  This is the official website of the New Order, a movement dedicated to maintaining reason and dignity to the lives of highsec miners. As the Father of the New Order and Saviour of Highsec, it is James 315’s responsibility and privilege to tell highsec miners what they can and can’t do. If they refuse to obey him, they risk being bumped out of mining range.

Though James is engaged in law enforcement, he doesn’t see that as his primary role. James is an educator, mentor, friend, and surrogate parent to the miners. The New Order is all about people. That’s James’ true purpose in EVE: Helping people make the most of themselves.

Sadly, too many miners these days are drawn into unhealthy activities like AFK mining, excessive mining, and petitioning James for harassment. James may be a dreamer, but he’s also a level-headed pragmatist. James knew what it would take to rehabilitate these miners and mold them into proper citizens of EVE. It took a lot of patience and hard work, and in the end James prevailed.

Thankfully, James is not the only dreamer out there. Many share James’ vision of a better future for highsec. Perhaps you do, too. If so, then you can consider yourself a member of the New Order. I hope you’ll support our work and encourage others to join us. And maybe James will even see you in Halaima or other New Order territories?


Although James is a very important and well-loved member of the EVE community, you can still contact him directly through EVEmail or e-mail. James don’t require you to go through some faceless diplomat. That’s because James believe in building relationships, not barriers. This policy is subject to revision.


James 315

Supreme Protector
Father of the New Order
Saviour of Highsec

For James’ out-of-game e-mail, click on the link provided above–though James checks his in-game EVEmail more frequently than that e-mail address. Regardless of the way you choose to contact James, rest assured that he will read everything that is sent to him as soon as he possibly feels like it.

Thank you for reading this “About” section, and please make yourself at home.