Code Ready Gelhan: Season 2, Part 2

Code Ready Gelhan: Season 2, Part 1

Let’s start by recapping.  Mission Ready Mining was (and I suppose, technically, still is) the primary member corporation of the Fly Fearless alliance.  There was once a time in EVE Online when the concept of a no recruitment standards, free for all tax scheme corporation was a novel idea, Mission Ready Mining was a prototype model of corporations that would soon become far more prevalent over the next few major patches by CCP; at it’s peak Mission Ready Mining featured 3-4 thousand characters.

In Early 2017 MRMNG had established itself in Gelhan, a 0.5 system within the Derelik region of High Sec and featured many asteroid belts as well as 2 ice fields.  As archived in the original story, agents Kalorned and TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet,  doing business as Assistance Group™, were quick to catch wind of the corporations’ establishment here and were eventually successful in driving MRMNG to evacuate after a months long campaign to a new home.

Following MRMNG’s emergency evacuation from Gelhan in April 2017, Kalorned and Tweeps continued to monitor the situation closely. Per a MRMNG director, the alliance was told by CCP that if its members did not enjoy being bumped and ganked, it should move somewhere else. From Gelhan, MRMNG moved on to Uemiseisen. In the heart of beautiful Lonetrek and located right next door to boutique ganking system Isanamo, the attractiveness of the system is obvious. Perhaps it was thought that the system’s proximity to MRMNG’s acquaintances in the Airhogs Collective would bring safety.

Kalorned and Tweeps being the benevolent and consummate agents they were allowed Mission Ready Mining to make their move uninterrupted and allowed them time to implement reforms.  Believers in the old ways of EVE Online, the agents had a few conditions for the corporation to be allowed to operate:

  1. Implementation of a recruitment security model
  2. Implementation of effective training and mentoring of recruits
  3. A corporation mining permit

These were the most basic of demands that would bring Mission Ready Mining into compliance with The New Halaima Code of Conduct.  Would MRMNG meet the demands and turn the page to a new chapter of effective corporate governance? Of course not, I wouldn’t be writing this story if they had.

To Be Continued…


I will readily admit that Aiko is a professional blogger, one of if not the best, really; I couldn’t possibly hope to keep up with her pace of daily blogs.  With this in mind, I am opting to publish further posts at a pace of my choosing.  Aiko is still sleeping off her Christmas hangover unfortunately, so the audience will have to put up with my limitations until such a time that she recovers.

Code Ready Gelhan: Season 2

Oh! Hello there, I didn’t see you come in. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is not important but this is the official website of the New Order of High Sec, a movement dedicated to restoring reason and dignity to the lives of highsec miners. You may be wondering where Princess Aiko is – haha, a fantastic question if I ever heard one!  Aiko is just sleeping in today, last night she was complaining about feeling flush in the face and mentioned she’d take the day off – I chalk it up to too much eggnog over the holidays.

Since Aiko is sleeping though I’ll take this opportunity to share a story with you, dear reader.  A long time ago, way back in 2017 in fact, the second longest ever-published story, 45 parts, Code Ready Gelhan began premiering on, the former official website of the New Order of High Sec.

At the conclusion of that story many wondered what happened next? After all, somehow Mission Ready Mining saw a precipitous decline in membership shortly thereafter.  Reader, I’m prepared to now tell you the story of Code Ready Gelhan, Season 2.  Season 2 will be an exploration of the consequences of hubris, a story of betrayal, a story of alliances and kingmakers, but most of all it will be a story about Tweeps and Kalorned – you may remember them as two of the most time honored agents of The Code there ever was.

I do sincerely hope reader that you enjoy the coming season of Code Ready Gelhan.  Before we begin let me begin with some important context.

To be continued…