Tee Ka Gets PKd, Part 10

Tee Ka Gets PKd, Part 1

Previously, Tee Ka Got Pkd, again and again.

He declared war on an entire coalition!

When that didn’t work, he started cursing.

Then he sent us all to null.

However, null fearts me cuz I onnly fight wat doest fight back.

One day, Tee Ka was salting as usual.

Suddenly, his friend alt intervened!

This went as well as expected.

Occoner is, like Tee Ka, a weakling.

Tee Ka has another such ‘friend’.

What a guy.

All bluster…

…with no bite.

To be continued…

Cat Sky Goes Hyperbolic

Welcome to Gheth.

Check out the video!

Are you ok bro?

The three stages: shock, tears, and apathy.


Some people can’t handle the truth.

At least everything was recorded.

Oh, he’s back?


Go on…

I just want to be friends…

He mad.

Who mines in a Gila?

Blcok blcok!

What a community…

You know it, I know it.

Russian Invasion

Listening to: Russian Hard Bass

Oh, hey there.

I want to understand.

Well, okey-dokey!

What a fun miner.

dark eniken is from Ostingel.

Where his alliance was recently Snuffed Out.


Men often struggle to express emotions.

I’m glad he felt confident.

Mmm, that sounds nice)))

He soon reverted to his indigenous tongue.

I need a hole to work job.

Please don’t knock my teeth out(((

…but we are the ones killing EvE, right?

That’s right.

Dryson’s Big Hunt


Dryson is a typical antiganker.

He’s a certified miner.

A real EvE Online expert.

What a character.

He likes to theorycraft new antiganking mechanics.

This is the DrysonBennington.

Our boy been failing a long time.

Dryson is no good at antiganking.

He’s a textbook whiteknight carebear.

Real classy guy.

Like, ok.

He has a lot of ideas.

Bro, what?

Dryson doesn’t like the game.

He doesn’t like ganking.

He especially doesn’t like that I actually show up.

I think he’s crazy.

He wanted us to gank the WuFlu! What?

The boy is all bark, and no bite.

Recently, he vowed to dunk us out of existence (again).

Nobody showed up for his fleet.

Dryson got a ‘kill’.

He urged the miners to fight back.

Nobody cared.

He even tried to recruit a bot.

The hunt concluded early.

It only lasted a minute. xD

Dryson was arrested by CONCORD.

To be continued?

End of an Era, Part 12

End of an Era, Part 1

The incursion community is way down bad.

Quitbears are dropping out.

Will the miners negotiate a peaceful resolution?

Wise old miner Kroaky understands the situation.

It is bad well, good for me and my friends.

Viirilithizu Ward‘s mining alt main desperately tried to devise a plan.

Plan B was to abort.

Line members were sorely disappointed in ‘leadership’.

The clock is ticking – which community will die first?

Things are getting grim.

What will the miners do?

Not much…

Incursion ‘leaders’ are quietly abandoning ship.

Suddenly, a new mothership spawned!

‘Leadership’ finally made a plan.

They would stick their heads in the sand.

Just then, mom died (again).

To be continued…

More Art

Listening to: Princess of Highsec

There’s a lot of Aiko art.

This next song is also pretty special.

Not bad! Thanks BooBoo TheFoo.

I have sorely neglected the art gallery.

There’s actually a lot more.

Everyone needs to make Aiko art.

Sometimes, I feel like a space celebrity.

Did you know, in the EvE forums, I’m the most upvoted person ever?

Antigankers be salting.

Nobody makes art for Hrothy.

Lookin good!

Even my alt, Buttercup Potemkin, has fan art.

Lookin great!

God, I’m so fucking hot tho.

My alliance dominates Uedama.

We don’t like miners.

They just need a little discipline.

Praise me, I don’t mind.

Do you?

I’ll allow it.

Even Dolphin Don drew some fan art.

Wtf is wrong with Don?

Take your meds my guy.

Oh look, it’s Viirilithizu Ward! What a loser.

It’s fair to say, some people like Aiko.

Me too!

I’m the best.

Feel free to submit, simp, or just kill everyone.

I am the divine embodiment of the living breathing CODE.

Kind of a big deal, I guess.

I’m sexy in game and in real life.

That’s right, that’s right!

I can’t even view all the Aiko art. Keep it coming!

Even Princess Aiko Hold My Hand corporation has art!

That’s amazing.

You deserve a slice of pizza.

Know what I mean?


Sarcasim and Sarcasum

Cool story bro.

Some miners are into pegging.

I don’t judge.


It’s about the hypocsy.

Highsec miners are weirdos, irl.

Antigankers are especially dumb.

Gankers are always on system.

Yes, he’s lonely and bad at EvE Online.

If you are a fury, Safety is the place for you.

Every miner needs a Safety helmet.

If you are feebleminded, you may enjoy mining.

Consider yourself manifested to text.

What a guy.

To be continued…