More Art

Listening to: Princess of Highsec

There’s a lot of Aiko art.

This next song is also pretty special.

Not bad! Thanks BooBoo TheFoo.

I have sorely neglected the art gallery.

There’s actually a lot more.

Everyone needs to make Aiko art.

Sometimes, I feel like a space celebrity.

Did you know, in the EvE forums, I’m the most upvoted person ever?

Antigankers be salting.

Nobody makes art for Hrothy.

Lookin good!

Even my alt, Buttercup Potemkin, has fan art.

Lookin great!

God, I’m so fucking hot tho.

My alliance dominates Uedama.

We don’t like miners.

They just need a little discipline.

Praise me, I don’t mind.

Do you?

I’ll allow it.

Even Dolphin Don drew some fan art.

Wtf is wrong with Don?

Take your meds my guy.

Oh look, it’s Viirilithizu Ward! What a loser.

It’s fair to say, some people like Aiko.

Me too!

I’m the best.

Feel free to submit, simp, or just kill everyone.

I am the divine embodiment of the living breathing CODE.

Kind of a big deal, I guess.

I’m sexy in game and in real life.

That’s right, that’s right!

I can’t even view all the Aiko art. Keep it coming!

Even Princess Aiko Hold My Hand corporation has art!

That’s amazing.

You deserve a slice of pizza.

Know what I mean?


Mission Ready Mining, Reloaded

Listening to: Hazards

Fly Fearless alliance should be afraid.

They are not mission ready.

They are barely able to compose a coherent sentence.

However, miners are still men of a sort.

You know how men are…

I’m mission ready sexy.

The Devil only wants one thing.

This sexy talk concerned my IRL boyfriend.

So naturally Devilishh was sent to miner’s prison.

Meanwhile, Tweeps decided it was time to have the talk.

Uh oh.

It is what it is.

To be continued…

That’s right.

Sexy Miner

Sky Ikkala got ganked in high security Amarr.

She is a newbro four year old permapleb.

Sky moonlights as an internet prostitute.

You can check out her private pics for a hidden fee.

I have no idea what’s down that rabbit hole.

However, I did admire a free sample of Japreet’s ample AI bobs.

If I was still a lezzi, I’d upvote this synthetic cutie.

That’s way too small for a blog – right?

Better, but blurry… Maybe try a larger font? Eh?

Veteran miner Gamblich1 had a question for gankers.

However, beautiful Sky didn’t want an answer.

Our Bollybomb diva was angry, lmao!

Sexy Sky was not calm.

Nevermind, sultry Sky was super ‘not’ salty.

She posed her own seductive question.

She was well qualified to conslut on mental conditions.

Meanwhile, she threw Chinese miners under the bus.

Ooo, that bot does look tasty.

The Conference Elite

Guest Author
Tweeps (aka John E Normus)

Hello there.

I didn’t see you come in.

As you can see, the CODE. alliance was never more than a facade, built upon the mighty Conference Elite. A galactic alliance is nothing without TCE, and that’s an undeniable fact.

As the heiress of both James 315 and loyalanon, I now command the ship of state. Of course, wannabe orbiter plebs insist I never received a sacrosanct blessing, as if I need one.

Seems legit?

If James did not choose me – who did? It is one thing to be annointed, but if I crowned myself, then I am even more powerful. If James were invincible, I must be omnipotent!

After seizing command of TCE, I have delegated authority to my trusty lesbian sidekick, Alleil Pollard. Henceforth, as acting executor, Alleil will oversee the Byzantine bureaucracy.

Of course, the miners inevitably write me.

As you know, we are a PROUD antiganking guild.

I hope Alleil can keep up with the daily correspondence.

Good luck Alleil!

Bee well!

Mad Cuz Bad

CSM Angry Mustache made a fan art.

Meanwhile, carebears are concerned.

Nova worries about noob jump freighters.

Who will save the newbros?

Nova is delusional.

We met Nova last year, at the Battle of Torrinos.

This is the ‘antiganking main’ of Everess 88.

Everess knows the current year is actually 1985.

After sending me a billion isk, Everess became a former fan.

All antigankers are like totally incompetent.

What a crazy loon!

This is clinical madness.

Thanks for the free killmail!


Where is gibasten13+1?

A lot of people (nobody) has been wondering where he is.

gibasten13+1 (aka 100percent loot) has terminal autism.

He was last seen threatening irl violence.

Some people are retarded in real life.

This is what it’s like, to have retards in your alliance.

gibasten14 has a stupid name, with a stupid number.

13+1 is an unlucky number.

He loved that number, and I killed it.

He just couldn’t let it go.

So I kicked him.

Silly carebear, miners can’t be gankers.

However, where is he today?

At first glance, you might think he hates me.

Actually, he is in love.

I’m the most powerful woman in EvE Online.

I’m even the star of my own DALL-E storyboard.