Avalanche Down (2x)

Previously, the Avalanche was overpowered

However, today we made history.

So yah, I logged into EvE Online…

Antigankers were already waiting.

They are kinda dumb.

Today, we are fishing in Uedama.

Hey there.

Great teamwork.

Op success.

Another fake gank.

That’s right.

Later that day…




The Brisc Rubal Home for Hot Unwed Mothers


How to Sell a Mining Permit, RELOADED

Let’s meet a miner.

Every miner has a story.

No miner is innocent.

I guess he got the mail.


Some miners are confused.

I ask nicely!

What a deal.

Miners sure ask a lot of questions.

I want to help them all.

According to the CODE, I must honor the questions three.

He came really close.

At least he had fun.

He just had one nagging question…

That’s right.

I enjoy EvE Online!

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #245

Listening to: Zoot Suit Riot

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #244

Miners love to write.


What a guy.


I hope they feel better soon.

Miners are always poor…

…and more than a little dim.


At least they are happy.

I know how to have fun.

You love it, daddy-o.

That’s right!

Tell me more?

Fat Cat Came to Play
Now You Can’t Run Fast Enough
You Best Stay Away
When the Pushers Come to Shove

Throw back a bottle of beer
I have coal black hair

Guide to Absolute Victory

Guest Article

Hey, everybody, I’m Gallente Holostar, lead theorycraft design team lead for the Imperium.

Aiko made a map.

There are nine systems of interest: Torrinos, Ibura, Yoma, Oipo, Piak, Elonaya, Onnamon, Uuhulanen, and Uchomida. The miners congregate here and about. We have put a stop to all that, effective immediately. Come join us, as we continue our investigation.

*Facts and Evidence*

The miners use their Highsec wealth to rent in nullsec.

We hate Romania, so we started bumping.

Question: If Nagamac mines in Highsec, to pay rent in nullsec, what happens if he can’t mine in Highsec?

Just think about it.

Absolute Trash

Listening to: Cat Sky

Remember Cat Sky?

He’s an Absolute Pleb.

Oh, what did you say?

Now you’ve got my attention (again), Mr Lee.

It’s been a busy week, hasn’t it?

Apparently, RoCket X needs my help.

I’m always happy to help a friend.

There’s only one concentration camp allowed in Highsec…

It’s time to evict these Absolute Wannabes!

That’s called justice.

Nobody likes an Absolute Bear.

Ya know what this means?

Welcome to Absolute Safety.

Zivix Spiroski > u dogshit of a persone
Zivix Spiroski > hunting your ass down
Zivix Spiroski > ALL DAY LONG!
Zivix Spiroski > u don’t know me
Zivix Spiroski > i know u irl

That’s right.

That’s right!

Generous donations always accepted.

To be continued…

End of an Era, Part 14

End of an Era, Part 1

This Juneteenth, we celebrate.

Are ganking days over forever?

Wow! A new Uedama alltime record!

We now return to our regularly scheduled content.

The miners united against us.

They didn’t want to pay.

They had nothing to offer.

Just the news.

You don’t say?

Miners don’t like to pay.

Will FBI tactics work in EvE Online?

Would ISIS Safety just go away?

They tried to stay positive.

The FBI really inspired them.

Well, ok then.

We needed a new plan.

Indeed, this focus was different.

We definitely said thank you…

We were very encouraged.

Someone paid, didn’t they?

Oh yes, that’s right.

How much?

35 billion isk, or mom dies.

They paid 35b, to PvE in Highsec, for one week.

To be continued…