The Conference Elite

Guest Author
Tweeps (aka John E Normus)

Hello there.

I didn’t see you come in.

As you can see, the CODE. alliance was never more than a facade, built upon the mighty Conference Elite. A galactic alliance is nothing without TCE, and that’s an undeniable fact.

As the heiress of both James 315 and loyalanon, I now command the ship of state. Of course, wannabe orbiter plebs insist I never received a sacrosanct blessing, as if I need one.

Seems legit?

If James did not choose me – who did? It is one thing to be annointed, but if I crowned myself, then I am even more powerful. If James were invincible, I must be omnipotent!

After seizing command of TCE, I have delegated authority to my trusty lesbian sidekick, Alleil Pollard. Henceforth, as acting executor, Alleil will oversee the Byzantine bureaucracy.

Of course, the miners inevitably write me.

As you know, we are a PROUD antiganking guild.

I hope Alleil can keep up with the daily correspondence.

Good luck Alleil!

Bee well!

EvE Online Mining Tutorial

Charles Stevens Jr was enjoying the Highsec mining tutorial.

One day, he learned how to eject from his space Orca.

So he tipped his volunteer tutor.

PLOT TWIST: Charles is a minor miner.

Arabella was not an effective guardian.

Fortunately, Krig is a man of his word.

Meanwhile, the plot thickened.

Arabella also wanted to double up.

We love to help.

Eventually, the Stevens family calmed down.

Another successful training op.

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