Satanic Sargon

Sargon helped a miner.

However, Chatty Streams didn’t enjoy mining.

He wanted to PvP in real life.

Like most miners, Chatty is “not a miner”.

As a veteran, Chatty fights for human rights.

People play EvE in real life.

Therefore, Sargon attacked Chatty in real life.

The CIA is OCD about video game Satanism.

Sargon used evil powers to PvP in a video game in real life. Therefore, Chatty will punish Sargon’s irl family. Collective punishment is not a violation of the Geneva Conventions.

That’s an irl death threat (in game)!

Are we the baddies?


I’ve been busy.

Today, I shall discuss mining permits.

Recently, SSno1 bought a permit pass.

He also bought one for his friend, SSno2.

I love to help.

It’s not a scam!

Unfortunately, SSno1 broke the law.

Can you guess his CODE. violation?

Shadow Cyrilus > SSno1 were you afk?
SSno1 > no
SSno1 > of course not
Shadow Cyrilus > Have you read the code?
SSno1 > yes
SSno1 > of course

Scroll down to find out SSno1’s violation!

Are you ready?

You won’t believe what happened.

SSno1 > I use 2 ships
SSno1 > I need opperate ships
SSno1 > I was ganked
SSno1 > Kill: SSno1 (Capsule) Kill: SSno1 (Scorpion Navy Issue)
SSno1 > I opperates 2 ships
Aiko Danuja > You were using two permits simultaneously which means you need a simultaneous use visa.

SSno1 was using two permits at once!

Multiboxers need a simultaneous use visa.

I also offered to help with his inventory.

I’m an ethical ship doubler.

SSno2 agreed to cooperate.

However, he tried to scam me.

Come on, I wasn’t born yesterday.

Once I got the modules…

…it was time to invite SSno1 to my gingerbread house.

What a happy miner.

He even made a friend.

Nobody griefed SSno1 out of the game.

He left on his own terms.

I’m glad I could help!

SSno1 isn’t a victim – he is a fan!

Best of luck to SSno1’s new owner!

That’s how I roll!

The Miners of Misneden, Part 4

The Miners of Misneden, Part 1

Previously, miner Nelforce quit EvE Online.

The other miners dared Alt 00 to destroy them.

They tried to bully and shame Alt.

They argued that Highsec PvP is bad.

They refused to pay rent.

They summoned powerful friends from nullsec.

They even threatened the sanctity of me, your royal Majesty.

They called me a witch!

These miners didn’t like me.

These miners were uppity.

These miners were crying.

There was only one way to respond.

To be continued…

Pandemic Pallies

PAPI had a rough night.

Meanwhile, Aikowatchers noticed something unusual.

Opportunity knocked, and Kelgoroth seized the opportunity of a lifetime.

He thanked everyone who helped achieve his goal.

Miners will do anything for me.

I’ve got perky social skills.

When you fleet with Aiko, magic happens.

What could possibly go wrong?

I even won a free Paladin!

Don’t be shy!

CCP might ban me, but they’ll never ban the memories.

How to Sell a Mining Permit, Part 11

How to Sell a Mining Permit, Part 10

Mining permits are big business.

Some miners require multiple permits.

At first, PRICE SAMA blamed his permit.

However, he just needed a new one.

I’m the best, and that’s a fact.

Tia Xoth is another satisfied customer.

She is a happy miner.

Tia wanted the most expensive option.

She even tipped!

I just love my space job.

However, Tannia Voxx didn’t want to pay.

She thought she was above the law.

Silly miner!

I explained the law.

She also needs to pay my friends.

Send us isk, and we will kill miners.

Ok, who will send more Catalysts?


The Exanondus, Part 6

The Exanondus, Part 1

Previously, on Aiko Danuja is the best player in EvE Online blog.

Exanon Alleile searched for a missing Mackinaw.

Eventually, he/she/xie began casting curses.

Subsequently, Damien Oxytocin encountered a raving alt.

Would Princess Aiko be able to resize these screenshots?

Someone is cursing us at length.

Will Jesus Christ travel through a wormhole and save Jita?

Suddenly, the big reveal. Irie Tsero was Exanon all along!

Your choices in EvE Online will have ETERNAL consequences.

What Would James Do?

Mission Accomplished

I have finally won EvE.

I’ll never go away, I’ll never stop, and I’ll always come back.

From the very first, I was a fan of Rooks and Kings.

A great alliance, with a great legacy.

My alliance has done more, in less time.

My name is Aiko Danuja, and I am an irl space vampire princess.

I am also the greatest capsuleer in the history of EvE Online.

James 315 was literally invincible. I took his whole alliance, the money, the fame, the glory, the praise, the isk, the blog, the house, the dog, the cats, the heroin, the killboard… I stuck my face on it, and the universe is mine.

EvE was dying (again), and I saved it (again).

Someday, they will write the history of EvE Online, and they will observe that blobber alliances were boring and dumb. The true history will be about cool alliances, filled with creative interesting people. They will talk about Shadow Cartel, Snuffed Out, Hard Knocks, Wingspan, and xqtywiznalamywmodxfhhopawzpqyjdwrpeptuaenabjawdzku. All these alliances will be a mere footnote, an introduction to the real story, which will be about the epic rise and rise of one Aiko Danuja.

You can doubt me, but just look at what I’ve done.

I am dizzy with success…

…and I’m just getting started.







You gotta pay to play.

Perfect -10

Dunk Dinkle ranked his favourite EvE players.

I’m a perfect -10.

Miners are always excited to see me.

They often have questions.

I love to help!

Anthony has been a good little miner!

His alts all have mining permits.

What a happy bear!

What could possibly be wrong?

Oh, right, he still needs a fleeting permit.

Anthony just had one more question.

It would only cost 100 175 million isk to get an answer.

I’m sure he’s paid all the fees — right?

Like omg, I’m like such a cutie!