Tee Ka Gets PKd

Good fight!

That’s right!


Tee Ka is a morality miner.

He prayed for us all.

Tee Ka is also a space lawyer.

Fortunately, he discovered the CODE.

He didn’t like it.

The rebellion was short lived.

Tee Ka was quickly overwhelmed by cats.

He fought the law, and the law won.

Tee Ka was scared straight.

So naturally, he joined my mining corporation.

Believe it or not, but newbros love gankers.

Unlike antigankers or gankbears, we are fun to hang out with.

Tee Ka was impressed by our elite PvP skills.

However, Tee Ka was also concerned.

Fortunately, everything was fine.

So he turned his attention to the CODE.

He had one simple request.

Aiko Danuja > Tee Ka please help us write a good code
Tee Ka > make it illagal to gank unarmed pilots withour warning, give them 60 sec to leave or pay the price, this would set you guys as the true side of good and justice, them firms of penalty
Aiko Danuja > that’s what we do!
Tee Ka > no that not what you do
Aiko Danuja > if u werent given a 60 sec warning, u should contact internal affairs

In fact, his proposal was already implemented by existing legislation.

There was just one last concern.

He was worried about Princess Aiko.

So he offered some fatherly advice.

Every Princess needs a Daddy.

Fortunately, he forgave on me.

Elon Miner Musk

The New Order helps a lot of miners.

SpaceX newbie mining corp CEO Elon is a typical pleb.

Even he knows how to butter my bread.

Meanwhile, in EvE Online…

…Elon’s fellow miners continue to cry.

It’s kinda funny.

That does look familiar…

Elon, we are here when you are ready.

No miner left behind!

SpaceX is the Absolute Order of our era.

What fun!

Meanwhile, in New York’s 1st Judicial District.

Thanks for the free PLEX Elon!

Maybe Elon just met his next ex-wife?

Breaking NEWS

Listening to: Satyagraha

It finally happened.

Calm down miner is official.

Like it or not, but I’ve made EvE history.

Hrothbear was the first of many. A funny story about that… He was so desperate to pad his killboard, vowing to NOT SPEAK to anyone who linked the killmail on Zkill. Naturally, Sargon did it about a minute later, leading Saltgar to cry, running away from a chorus of “Calm down miner.” Now, years later, he can relive the experience!

Meanwhile, darkolus has begun his own descent into madness.

Ganked by Nazes, he vowed revenge.

darkolus > No, I’m just going to ruin the channel
Aiko Danuja > doubt
John Steelmerc > the only things miners ruin are our precious natural veldspar belts
Aaaarrgg > darkolus please dont mess up the channel with your miner salt, thats not our thing
Aiko Danuja > Kill: Phat Phil (Griffin)
Aiko Danuja > Kill: rajehem (Obelisk)
darkolus > you’re just ruining this game…
Dave Gates > darkolus ur face is ruining this channel now take a hike already. they’re creating content. if you don’t like it then leave like a sour puss & GTFO
darkolus > No… i won’t… my face gonna keep ruinning this channel…

He is a dark ugly little man…

With broken sentence fragments, he sought revenge.

He even invented a slogan…

…and a business plan!

My channel was ruined by bad grammar and incoherent phrases.

He griefed on me hard.

…but why was he griefing me?

What a crazy miner!



Ok, what happened?

It all started with an illegal Orca, and his ToxicFriend.

This was a real Highsec space battle.

Eventual, things reached their inevitable conclusion.

Another glorious victory!


Just then, something magical transpired…

Indeed, Ivy Bloodstar was the real villain…

It’s always a bad time to do crime.

Look Both Ways

Listening to: Plain Jane

Miners are dim.

Bears are incompetent.

At least they are calm.

Good fight, miners!


=Interview with A Miner=

Some miners are opinionated.

I decided a long time ago.

We should just kill them.

That gets their attention.

Young Money

Ride with the mob, Alhamdulillah
Check in with me and do your job
Aiko is the name, karttoon was a thing
Halaima for the watch, presi Plain Jane
Dodixie chain, rest in peace to my superior

Probes on scan, causin’ mad hysteria
Momma see me on ZKILL and started tearin’ up
I’ma keep killin’ miners, how you get that trife?
I am poppin’ pills like rappers in society
I gank yo Hulk for irony

Buy another or somethin’
I’ma explain why you probably never see me
Chocha magic like Houdini
I go hard in the belt

I’m a classy trillionaire
Antigankers, I swear they are bottom feeders
Catalysts could feed a village in Liberia

Death of an antiganker

Bloody Bear loves antiganking.

Back in the day, he even made illegal videos.

One day, justice finally caught up with him.

At first, Bloody Bear tried a bribe.

Of course, Krig had to confiscate the stolen ship.

Next, the carebear tried to buy a new ship.

This went as well as expected.

He only owed 300 million…

He only had one ship left…

So he traded his Falcon…

Thanks for the free ship, bro!

In one day, he lost all his killmarks…

However, he was already planning to get more.

What a silly bear!

Oh well…


Puppers Gets a Gila

Prince Puppers wanted a Gila.

He wasn’t joking.

Puppers wanted to be a Gila main.

Oh boy, a discount Gila!

He sold everything he had…

…to buy a Moa.

Oh, it’s a free Moa…

With premium insurance!

So Puppers went to fetch his new Gila.


Puppers tried to get around the grief blockade.

So he employed null security comms.

This went as well as one might expect.

Puppers even tried a wormhole!

His friends were happy to help.

Meanwhile, Sargon was at the foot dentist.

When Sargon returned, he noticed the problem.

The Goons were using an isk tracker.

So Sargon cleaned Puppers out.

Eventually, Puppers contacted me.

He seemed confused.

The next day, everyone wondered about Puppers.

Apparently, his new home was in Thera?

Who told him to go there?

Eventually, Puppers just bought a Gila.

Another happy ending!


Highsec Recruiting, Part 3

Highsec Recruiting, Part 1

Previously, newbro Mason vowed to destroy me.

This would require preparation.

Mason was excited by the thought of PvP with me.

In EvE Online, PvP is a sign of genuine affection.

Our relationship began to blossom.

However, I don’t like impudence.

Mason is a real miner.

Whereas, I am a perfect tenth-wave feminist!

Like all miners, he is a cyberbully greefer.

Fortunately, Mason began to regret his evil ways.

It was time to turn over a leaf…

My expectations were clear.

I demanded an isk sacrifice, for me.

So Mason sent his life savings.

Now I have Mason right where I want him.

He hates being told what to do…

…but now he has new friends, and a new corporation.

Everyone was impressed!

It was the start of a new era.

Mason is my miner.

I sure hope we get along!

What a good boy.

He deserves me!