Carebear Citizen

Star Citizen is full of carebears.

Is fun a mental illness?

Reddit investigates…

Are you proud to mine salt tears?

Boredom is the antidote to fun!

Open PvP is a gateway to griefplay!

W0mbat got 17 downvotes…

Meanwhile, Nexx0ir invented in-game prisons.

This is a popular idea!

Scannaer vowed to griev the grievers.

PvP players are fundamentally toxic.

Gankhobos are bad at “real” PvP.

Remember the CODE?

Real PvPers travel for at least an hour…

Gankers just want easy kills at the grocery store.

Non-profit PvP is mere fun.


Sexting Online

I receive a lot of email.

Oh boy, let’s take a look.

Learza sent me his schedule.


Kain Qo was in the mood.

I call it Sexting Online.


Miners make me piuk.

They have no purpose.

We can help them.

I love it!

Romance Online.

It looks like they had a second date.

T’ai loves to suck.

What a miner!


I love dicks.

Is CCP glad of what they made?

Let’s put a breeze in the Hulks.

This is EvE Online!