Ganking is Rape, Right?

Everybody knows, PvP is inherently sexual.

Non-consensual PvP is literally rape IRL.

Look, serial gate rapers are NOT cool.

However, Io offers a sensible rebuttal.

Is ganking ACTUALLY rape?

Also, is this maybe offensive?

I find ‘rape’ allegations to be a bit much.

Look, I enjoy sexting whilst ganking, but that’s not rape.

What if I call miners ‘raper bots’ or ‘pedobears’?

I think I’d get banned straight away!

Let’s see what a ‘gate rape’ actually looks like.

As you can see, 2scared was just an innocent young girl.


This is the EvE Online I remember…

Miners are fucking crazy, IRL.

At least, CCP enforces the EULA fairly and evenly.

What’s next, bumping is genocide?

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