More Art

Listening to: Princess of Highsec

There’s a lot of Aiko art.

This next song is also pretty special.

Not bad! Thanks BooBoo TheFoo.

I have sorely neglected the art gallery.

There’s actually a lot more.

Everyone needs to make Aiko art.

Sometimes, I feel like a space celebrity.

Did you know, in the EvE forums, I’m the most upvoted person ever?

Antigankers be salting.

Nobody makes art for Hrothy.

Lookin good!

Even my alt, Buttercup Potemkin, has fan art.

Lookin great!

God, I’m so fucking hot tho.

My alliance dominates Uedama.

We don’t like miners.

They just need a little discipline.

Praise me, I don’t mind.

Do you?

I’ll allow it.

Even Dolphin Don drew some fan art.

Wtf is wrong with Don?

Take your meds my guy.

Oh look, it’s Viirilithizu Ward! What a loser.

It’s fair to say, some people like Aiko.

Me too!

I’m the best.

Feel free to submit, simp, or just kill everyone.

I am the divine embodiment of the living breathing CODE.

Kind of a big deal, I guess.

I’m sexy in game and in real life.

That’s right, that’s right!

I can’t even view all the Aiko art. Keep it coming!

Even Princess Aiko Hold My Hand corporation has art!

That’s amazing.

You deserve a slice of pizza.

Know what I mean?


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