More Hateless/TiS Drama

Everyone is talking about Hateful Hateless.

He’s mad about “stream snipe griefers”.

Several alliances are annoyed.

We all work hard to bring content to lonely miners.

It’s offensive to be called a “toxic griefer”.

Previously, I posted a screenshot from TiS.

Rahne objected to this.

Rahne Chocolate > I’m a moderator that got called out there, why didn’t you include the people we banned who told Hateless to kill himself or attacked his IRL? Seems pretty biased. Yikes
Rahne Chocolate > Dont publish a shit blog trashing me

She runs a “top” show, whereas I run a “shit” blog.

Rahne Chocolate > Top talk show of EVE thanks 😉
Rahne Chocolate > Start one of your own if you’re so salty about it

A lot of people think this shitty blog exists solely to promote my sick cult of narcissistic vanity. I honestly don’t know whether I should ignore Rahne’s complaint (and be guilty of ignoring it), or respond (and be guilty of mentioning Rahne). Yikes.

Ok, fine, let’s address the screenshot.

Rahne, I’m not trying to trash you, and I don’t know if you understand what was objectionable. Regardless, I’ve got no other way to explain, since I’m banned from your Discord. However, I suspect your co-anchor Nick Bison knows exactly what I’m talking about.

As you may know, this blog is called It is an homage to the late great James 315, the most influential member of the Highsec mining community since Helicity Boson. After he died, I stole the alliance from George and John, much to the horror of Super Perforator. Obviously, when the dead ghost of James 315 says something on Twitch (it rarely happens), any response is likely to be screenshotted.

James is a conservative Texas law boomer, who sells propane and propane accessories. As a young intern, I enjoyed his engaging discussions by the vending machine, which inspired him to grief Highsec miners in order to feel better about consistently losing every argument.

Ultimately, James believed “snowflakes” are overly sensitive, and they are ruining EvE Online, because they cry when they are bumped. He fears that “woke” developers want to eliminate “griefing”, and this is the primary reason EvE’s player count has declined.

Is it biased to call James a boomer? Absolutely. I’m biased, and I know he’s a boomer. Old man can’t keep up with a zoomer like me!

Aiko’s original character appearance in spinoff blog

So I’ve explained why I would screenshot a reply to James 315, since we all love to see James get called out for being a boomer who never undocks. However, what about the context?

Let’s be real here. If you disagree with any TiS staff, including Matterall, Rahne, that weird guy, or especially grumpy LadyScarlet, you are gonna get banned. Everybody knows this.

I’ve tried to have polite conversations, and I’m always banned. Last year, I was banned because I disagreed with the claim that I encourage Highsec miners to commit suicide. More recently, I was banned for suggesting that TiS has unfair moderation.

With no possible way to engage in discourse with this “top” show, which repeatedly portrays me as a “griefer”, I have no choice but to write a “shitty” blog. I’m responding to what I can only describe as a consistent bias in favor of carebear PvE gameplay.

Talking in Stations has a board of directors, who dictate a message, and moderators who aggressively censor dissent. People are routinely banned, for making reasonable statements. Talking in Stations is the EvE equivalent of FOX news (or, as James would say, CNN).

What about the rest of Rahne’s complaint? What about the people who told Hateless to kill himself?

Rahne Chocolate > “baru_rugar: hey hateless have you ever thought of killing yourself?”
Rahne Chocolate > Literal quotes from folks in Twitch chat

I searched the chat logs, and I couldn’t find the comment. Regardless, I acknowledge that this is not acceptable. Hateless, I don’t want you to kill yourself. I just want you to stop mining.

During my investigation, I noticed that Baru Rugar was concerned about how Hateless defined griefing in nullsec. Indeed, Baru is not a member of my alliance (so don’t blame me for his alleged words). In fact, PLOT TWIST, he’s actually in a coalition with Hateless and Rahne!

This is what I’m talking about, when I say that Talking in Stations is judgmental, biased, and unreasonable. They banned me because they claim I tell people to commit suicide. However, when someone on their side of the fence actually does that (allegedly), their instinct is to blame me (yet again) instead of cleaning their own house.

Highsec gankers didn’t tell Hateless to kill himself, that was a member of his own coalition. This is yet another reason I believe Talking in Stations is just a TAPI/PAPI/NC. propaganda echo chamber.

DISCLOSURE: Talking in Stations is funded by Highsec Buyback.

Boring in Stations

Hateless went live, to discuss his theory of griefing, but I don’t recommend watching the show. Hateless had an opportunity to discuss griefing, but instead he droned on about his computer, his multibox setup, and bragged about how easy it is to avoid “griefers” whilst ratting in nullsec. As you can see, host Nick Bison fell asleep.

Hateless clarified that ganking and bumping are allowed gameplay mechanics, but gankers and bumpers are griefers.

In particular, he cited the precedent set by notorious roleplay griefers Zaenis Desef and Chance Ravinne.

As Hateless explained, bumping and ganking are totally ok, except when this inconveniences him.

The moderators could have engaged the debate, asking Hateless to define griefing, or discuss specific examples. They could have asked Hateless what he expects CCP to do, or how we can discern the subtle difference between “griefing” and “adverse gameplay”. They could have asked Hateless how anyone is “stream sniping” him, when he literally sits in the same system for months, doing the same repetitive tasks in the same exact location. Instead, they simply banned everyone who asked these questions, and allowed Hateless to talk to himself.

Hateless only cited one specific example of griefing.

He called my channel “horrendous”.

Supposedly, gankers trigger this toxicity.

Biased moderators banned all disagreement.

Hateless said he doesn’t want anyone to attack me, or go after me. However, I am his singular example of griefing, and griefers (ie: me) should be permanently banned from the game.

As evidence, he cited my blogpost about SSno1.

It is true, SSno1 quit the game.

However, he wasn’t “griefed” out.

In fact, I urged him to stay.

What Hateless doesn’t understand, is that my “victims” love Queen Aiko. They enjoy PvP. They enjoy losing the game. A lot of them enjoy it so much, that they swipe their credit cards and come back for more. I’m playing the game as intended, and that’s not griefing.

Hateless had some interesting ideas. For example, maybe CCP could make players in NPC corporations invulnerable to PvP?

Hateless, I know you are reading this.

You are a miner.

You aren’t concerned about griefing.

You just want easy risk-free money.

Maybe you should try a less challenging game?

Satanic Sargon

Sargon helped a miner.

However, Chatty Streams didn’t enjoy mining.

He wanted to PvP in real life.

Like most miners, Chatty is “not a miner”.

As a veteran, Chatty fights for human rights.

People play EvE in real life.

Therefore, Sargon attacked Chatty in real life.

The CIA is OCD about video game Satanism.

Sargon used evil powers to PvP in a video game in real life. Therefore, Chatty will punish Sargon’s irl family. Collective punishment is not a violation of the Geneva Conventions.

That’s an irl death threat (in game)!

Are we the baddies?

Hawk on TiS

Wrathful Hawk was on Talking in Stations.

Everybody was excited to meet him.

Miners immediately began crying.

One crybaby was particularly whiny.

KeyOrion doesn’t like when miners pay CCP.

He has all the intel.

Other miners had questions.

Some even supported ganking.

Everybody is concerned about bump harassment.

Ultimately, the miners were outraged.

A lot of miners don’t like Wrathful Hawk.

However, he is a professional.

What a guy!

The Battle of Brap


I’ve been traipsing through space.

Recently, I found myself in Brapelille.

EvE University sent their best bounty hunter to track me down.

It was a massacre.

Local miners weren’t sure what was happening.

Newbro Kha’ll barely survived.

However, he saw a business opportunity.

Catalyst salvaging is profitable!

Meanwhile, miners kept dying, one by one.

Kha’ll wasn’t even upset.

He just won’t forget.

Kha’ll found his lifelong space nemesis.

It was his first PvP experience.

He doesn’t care at all.

He’s gonna put a 145 on me.

Kha’ll is a real man.

He told me off.

Now I’ve got a real bounty.

Meanwhile, other miners noticed something amiss.

Raja Ovaert scrambled to salvage additional wrecks.

However, Charles Sheldon was mystified.

He was an EvE veteran, but had never seen anything like this.

Major Miner Sheldon soon joined the other wrecks.

Eventually, antiganking reinforcements arrived.

It was a bad day for the miners of Brapelille.

Sometimes, you just need to dock up.

There’s no shame in being afraid.

Thanks for the free advertising!


I’ve been busy.

Today, I shall discuss mining permits.

Recently, SSno1 bought a permit pass.

He also bought one for his friend, SSno2.

I love to help.

It’s not a scam!

Unfortunately, SSno1 broke the law.

Can you guess his CODE. violation?

Shadow Cyrilus > SSno1 were you afk?
SSno1 > no
SSno1 > of course not
Shadow Cyrilus > Have you read the code?
SSno1 > yes
SSno1 > of course

Scroll down to find out SSno1’s violation!

Are you ready?

You won’t believe what happened.

SSno1 > I use 2 ships
SSno1 > I need opperate ships
SSno1 > I was ganked
SSno1 > Kill: SSno1 (Capsule) Kill: SSno1 (Scorpion Navy Issue)
SSno1 > I opperates 2 ships
Aiko Danuja > You were using two permits simultaneously which means you need a simultaneous use visa.

SSno1 was using two permits at once!

Multiboxers need a simultaneous use visa.

I also offered to help with his inventory.

I’m an ethical ship doubler.

SSno2 agreed to cooperate.

However, he tried to scam me.

Come on, I wasn’t born yesterday.

Once I got the modules…

…it was time to invite SSno1 to my gingerbread house.

What a happy miner.

He even made a friend.

Nobody griefed SSno1 out of the game.

He left on his own terms.

I’m glad I could help!

SSno1 isn’t a victim – he is a fan!

Best of luck to SSno1’s new owner!

That’s how I roll!

Why Was I Ganked?

This is a paid advertisement for: Why Was I Ganked?

It’s the best channel in EvE Online.

As the GM team continues to investigate whether this is a bonus room, designed to provoke miners into having an emotional temper tantrum, in which they urge me to commit suicide in real life, and threaten to rape me and murder me and sexually traffick my children and burn my house down and hack into my computer and launch nuclear weapons and gangbang torture cut me into pieces…

We know there is a deeper purpose.

The channel is full of friendly people.

We just want to communicate.

It’s a social community.

A place to learn.

A place to socialize.

A place for friendship.

New players are often confused.

We guide them through the New Player Experience.

I’m so glad we could help.

Until next time…