Calm Down Miners

Hello friends.

Well, I’ve met a lot of people in EvE Online.

They all seem so nice and friendly.


I’m super toxic, right?

Oh, those poor innocent miners.

I guess I’m going straight to Hek.

I just hope the miners stop crying.

Maybe I should put them out of their misery?

I don’t know what else to do.

They seem to like it.

Ya know?

I honestly don’t know how to deal with this.

These people seem unwell.

I honestly don’t know what to do.

I’m the one being harassed.

It’s not even funny.

So I’m gonna kill them all.

That’s just how it be.

Miners need to learn a little respect.

The Miners of Misneden, Part 4

The Miners of Misneden, Part 1

Previously, miner Nelforce quit EvE Online.

The other miners dared Alt 00 to destroy them.

They tried to bully and shame Alt.

They argued that Highsec PvP is bad.

They refused to pay rent.

They summoned powerful friends from nullsec.

They even threatened the sanctity of me, your royal Majesty.

They called me a witch!

These miners didn’t like me.

These miners were uppity.

These miners were crying.

There was only one way to respond.

To be continued…

Another Post

Another dead miner, and another great video.

GalactusGalactuss also released a music video.

Unfortunately, Galactus is being salty again.

He left my Discord in a huff.

Why do some people have to be cringy, always?

Meanwhile, gankbear MacGybo also made a video.

The video is incredibly boring.

Ganking for isk/hr is newbro friendly.

MacGybo prides himself on “profit” – legitimate gameplay.

However, miner permit roleplay is TOXIC.

Ethical gankers only kill newbros who lag out in Jita.

Hold on. I gotta say, like, wow. Before I ever even heard of EvE Online, before I ever started playing the game, this guy was camping the Jita undock and taking advantage of new players.

I never took 29 billion isk from a one day old character. However, MacGybo has the hypocritical audacity to claim that I am the griefer. You can debate whether I’ve driven a new player to quit, but you can be absolutely certain MacGybo has. That’s a fact.

We now return to ongoing Hateless drama.

In his own discord, Hateless is on the defensive.

Hateless has been struggling to gain sympathy.

Adrian Vexier made a compelling defense.

What will happen next?

Will Hateless get revenge on the space bully griefer guild?