Murder for Hire

I run a PvP alliance.

Highsec is my SAFE space.

Recently, toxicninja had a Safety incident.

Subsequently, he investigated the origin of his demise.

As toxic suspected, this was a targeted assassination.

Could he guess who ordered the hit?

That’s right! It was his old nemesis, HogTits.

For nearly a full day, HogTits bullied and griefed his way through Torrinos.

Jinx Beirutbomb > Can I inquire as to the nature of your dispute?
toxicninja > honsetly i was just minning
toxicninja > he said target aquired and left the astroid feild

However, ninja needed more evidence.

Would another ganker confirm Jinx’s testimony?

She sung like a bird, throwing HogTits under the bus.

ninja had been caught by a professional bounty hunter.

Novus Plebbo wannabes copy me, because I’m the best.

In a game like EvE Online, social skills matter.

I killed toxicninja, and he liked it.

I run a “very pro team”.

In fact, we are going to kill them all.

They can thank us later.


Listening to: Crazy

Sometimes, I get overwhelmed.

It’s not easy being a girl.

Everybody has something to say.

Men are disgusting pigs.


There’s only one way to respond.

Let’s take their stuff, and kill them.

That sounds fun.

Ya know?

That’s right.

I’m a princess.

You’re driving me crazy
With the loot that you left behind
You’re driving me ohh you drive me crazy
All the loot that you left behind
I don’t feel sorry
And it’s driving me out of my mind oh yes

You don’t undock anymore
You only argue, fuss, and cry
And it’s driving me oh it’s driving me crazy
All the loot that you left behind

I tell ya I don’t love you
I tell ya I don’t care
But I still feel a thing is all around in through my head
And it’s driving me ohh it’s driving me crazy
All the loot that you left behind

Model Miner

By all accounts, zak echo was a model miner.

He was a supreme officer of Absolute Order, aka Harmony Order.

Unfortunately, zak did not pass his annual Safety inspection.

Various agents tried to reason with the mad miner.

Someone really botched up.

However, zak wasn’t done expressing his feelings.

He blamed Princess Aiko for his loss.

He made his case, again and again.

Perhaps Aiko would surrender to his manly demands?

It was starting to get real, up in here.

Enough was enough, zak just needed to comply.

However, he had a counteroffer.

He is one scary miner.

Fortunately, zak is quite calm.

He just hates EvE Online.

Happy Miners

Once upon a time, I did kills of the week, but I’m just too busy. However, I’m sure the following would qualify on just about any week.

WooF! Now that’s the kind of kill which excites the ladies, and gets an entire stadium cheering your name. Congrats to Votre Dieu, an absolute consummate professional, and an inspiration to law enforcement officers across Highsec. You know, this is quite a bit more significant than it initially appears, as many of the items are undervalued purple mods and unvalued abyssal mods. WoW. Antiganking really failed again.


Miners have a lot of questions.

If only niki lasvegas had a permit…

Meanwhile, VeX1 has been vexed by his own difficulties.

Fortunately, mining therapist zxcxzx got him to talk.

VeX was intrigued by the offer of assistance.

VeX liked z.

However, would VeX trust Gallente Citizen?

VeX was pleased to learn permits are currently on sale.

He caught a lucky break, and got his permit at a 2012 price.

Now that’s a great deal!

Get your mining permit today!

Antiganking Cowards

Hypocrite antigankers call us newbro griefers.

Newbro Rion Bancroft was griefed, by antigankers in fancy cats.

Who is really griefing the newbros?

Giacomo Restivo is another antigank loser, desperate for relevance.

He put his name in CAPITALS, hoping someone would notice him.

He’s an absolute zero, accomplishing nothing at a safe distance.

Giacomo is also a space pedo – living in a rookie system.

Gankers fight fair, against CONCORD…

…but Giacomo waits for newbros to misclick on a yellow box.

Giacomo gets off on easy kills.

He brings his alt, in case the venture shoots back.

Gankers use tier 1 destroyers. Cowards use faction fit Hecates.

I give miners a fighting chance.

Unlike antiganking pedos, I’m not hiding in a Highsec blingmobile.

Aiko Monument

Vinnegar Douche spotted an antiganker, in a hole.

It was crime fighting time!

Check out this video of a real life antiganker!

Anyways, I’ve been wondering….

Would Vinnegar support my proposal?

We need Aiko monuments, in game and in reality!

I was pleased to learn that Vinnegar is a man of reason and culture.

Everyone agrees, it’s time for our first Aiko monument.

So many great ideas!

I want to thank everybody who has supported me, and my alliance.

As always, I have to acknowledge James 315.

I wouldn’t even be here without him.

Honestly, this was all his idea.

Everything is proceeding according to plan.

That’s right.



Warning: This blog contains graphic content and may not be safe for work.

Most miners are happy to be ganked.

I give them whatever they desire.

However, sometimes miners are less than satisfied.

In such situations, I know what to do.

Customer satisfaction is my top priority.

Alexander sent an image, to show what he wants.

That’s fine, but I need to get paid.

If I don’t get paid, there’s gonna be trouble.

Ok, calm down miners.

You guys…

That’s right.



Believe it or not, some people don’t want PvP in their PvP battle royale.

Highsec ganking has always been controversial.

Mining permits have always been a part of EvE Online.

Griefer bullies are the best players in EvE Online.

07 Bl4zer, you were a true trailblazer.

We must always fight the carebears.

They’ve always been here, crying and whining.

It’s always been this way.

We know how to deal with miners.


That’s right.

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #238

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #237

Well, let’s see what the miners have to say.

Princess Aiko Hold My Hand is a great corporation for newbro miners!

Kimberly Duskwolf declared an end to ganking in Oiniken.

This lasted nearly two minutes.

Oh man, more Ward nonsense?

Woah, I never even knew this email existed.

Ahahaha, op success! Victory!

Even antigankers are impressed by my leadership.

Every sane rational person loves me.

Haha, not today miner!

Yes, I’m a lesbian, and I’m gonna kill you.

If you want to gank, you should probably shoot a Venture…

Newbro starter tornadoes are 30 million isk each!

I just want to make a positive difference in EvE Online.

I love my friends.

Ok, gotta go!

Haha, you guys….

It’s just a joke, right?