Tick tock – time’s up!

I’ve had a great year.

What are your plans for 2022?

What do you think I’m gonna do?

I’m probably gonna keep going.

I’ll see you next year!

I’m here to help.


no title dont care

We are having fun in EvE Online.

I just want to extirpate the galaxy.

I’m glad that I’ve made so many friends.

However, some people don’t like me.

Twitch miner Owlsec is salty about his incompetence.

He literally did this to himself.

He has vowed revenge.

I guess you can’t please everyone.

EvE is not Minecraft

EvE is not Minecraft.

EvE is for adults.

It’s like a video game, but way more realistic.

Imagine, vampires in outer space.

If you aren’t scared, you are a fool.

Something wicked, this way comes.

Here’s a pro tip.

Something is out there, in that dark starry night.

Do you feel safe?

Second Day of Christmas

With a little faith, you can double your Xmas pleasure.


Everyone is having a great time in EvE Online.


Antiganker alazarr spent years trying to buy every Catalyst in New Eden.

Sometimes, the best revenge takes a really long time.

Thanks for the free cats, bro!

There’s never been a better time to enlist.

Hey, this blog just writes itself.

Gosh, you guys are the greatest.

I really do appreciate it, and it does keep me going.

Ganking is neither easy, nor inexpensive.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Haha, very funny Wah Huren!

Merry Holidaysmas!

Ho ho ho!

It’s snowing in Hek!


Pro streamer CptFruitBear encountered our special Uedama team.

It’s that special time of year!

Everybody loves a joyous spirit.

What do you want this year?

Haha, you wish!

Holiday Truce

As you know, there is a ceasefire.

The miners are rejoicing, amidst peace and prosperity.

What a wonderful Yuletide.

Everyone is getting that snowflake spirit.

Nadia Bulkalov visited my award-winning Why Was I Ganked? channel.

James 315 had Ripard Teg, and I’ve got Nadia.

It was fun to meet her, in person (in real-life).

What a total funster.

Ok, cya!

Live Update!

mean ol PvP

It’s not easy being a gankster.

Miners don’t seem to like us.

They seem positively mental.

Here’s how a sane individual would act.

That’s rational, right?

However, miners are not rational.

They are crybaby losers.

Honestly, miners are stupid, in real life.

They never learn.

Just kill them all.

Let’s Play EvE Online

Everybody wants to be my friend.

When I enter local, it’s a big deal.

Everybody knows, I’m here to help.

I kill miners, and take their money.

I’m fine with that.

It’s a pretty good racket.

I enjoy gambling in EvE Online.

Come play with me…

It’ll be fun!

Better than Vily

I’m better than Vily.

New player Aiko, ahead of a 2007 minelord double trader!

My secret strength has always (get it?) been the CODE.

Unlike James 315, I don’t have time to give a handjob to every supporter.

I’d love to do it – but I’m busy, as a top tier elite PvP champion.

Mark my words: TEST is next.

We are going to put Vily down.

That’s right!

Here’s your daily newbro.

Easy Money

I am truly amazing.

That’s right!

Everybody is talking about me.

Sometimes, I even seduce married men.

Aiko is basically a bitchy James 315.

Do you have faith, full faith?

Prove it!

I’ll never stop!

Catch me, if you can!

I play so hard to get!


You love it!