Banerf Gunkers!

Why won’t CCP do anything about ganking?

Crybabies got double EHP, and they already want “one more nerf”.

Have you tried modules, whilst visiting dangerous space?

Have you tried not autopiloting, with expanded cargo?

Every miner is an autistic retard, in real life.

I hope you uninstall and quit the internet forever, in real life.

You don’t even know how stupid you are.

Veltis is fine with ganking, but wants it to be nerfed (again).

Bill wants his nullbloc to have 100% safezone AFK grinding.

Bert thinks gankers live in a basement.

He doesn’t mind ganking, but gankers need more risk.

Likewise, mlwspace thinks ganking is good, but there’s way too much.

One solution is to instablap gankers, right?

blinkfann3 wants to buff gateguns.

Here’s the issue, blink… You are an autistic retard, in real life.

Just stop playing EvE, and try Farmville.

If you can’t figure out how to avoid gankers, you are a more on.

Yes, you reetastic autards.

Miners aren’t Captain Picard.

They are more like Arnold Rimmer.

Double Trouble

Shooting Highsec exhumers used to be a sporting event.

Now it takes fifteen people to kill one AFK Hulk.

On December 12, I was the only person to kill a Highsec Mackinaw.

Miners think they are invincible now.

They love being twice as strong.

What happens when you finally catch one?

Double miners are double salty.

I don’t like their attitude.

So I’m gonna kill them.

This is what they deserve.

That’s right.

You can thank me later.

Also, send me lots of isk.

The Day After

EvE Online is more than just a spaceship battle royale.

It’s also a sitcom, in outerspace.

Antiganker EVERESS 88 was proud to purchase her very own Aiko corpse.

However, relations soon soured.

It all started when EVERESS revealed that the real year, in real life, is 1984. That’s right! “They” don’t want us to know the truth, but Hollywood film titles contain secret clues to the real true year of our Lord.

EVERESS was furious when Aiko told her gossipy little clique.

All of Aiko’s friends began laughing at the silly miner.

Even worse, Aiko expected EVERESS to apoligize!

EVERESS regretted her investment in Aiko’s sexy body.

The antiganker no longer wanted to give money to gankers.

EVERESS was so upset, she struggled to spell basic words.

The truth was revealed. Aiko is a BASIC BITCH and a single mom.

This went on for hours.

Eventually, EVERESS decided she was done spreading TRUTH.



In other news, Krig Povelli helped a miner.

The miner’s security status dropped from 0.1 to -5.7!

What happened?


I just want to kill all the miners.

It’s my blog, and I’ll cry if I want to.

I dropped nine (9) T2 Catalysts on a Mackinaw, in a pulled 0.5.

It was buffed by two Orcas, implants, and a Loki.

I expected failure, and was not surprised.

The invulnerable miner, with his three Mackinaws, was pleased.

However, his main began to do math, while another miner sperged.

Local sentiment began shifting in my favor.

rathian‘s enthusiasm dissipated.

If everybody mines with invincible Mackinaws, the supply of ore will increase, and the price will drop. That’s bad news for any humanoid.

Ceterum, autem censeo fossoribus esse delendam.

Griefer Mode, Part 2

Previously... double EHP miners were surprised by double DPS gankers.

Before long, double dead miners became double salty.

Raven x1 had an offer for Princess Aiko.

He is gonna murder rape her family, in real life!

He went on for hours, while Aiko listened to other miners.

From time to time, Aiko tried to change the subject.

For Aiko, this was just a normal EvE Online conversation.

She tried to help the miner calm down.

However, he was obsessing.

She wondered if he was serious?

He went on and on.

She simply could not change the subject.

So she returned to her fanmail.

Meanwhile, Raven was working through his feelings.

He thought about Aiko’s pretty face.

The thought drove him crazy.

He couldn’t stop thinking about her…

…and then he remembered her kid.

Raven is a real family man.

However, Aiko was distracted, reading her mail.

How could he get her attention?

He thought about it for a long time.

Maybe he could find her on Facebook?

Suddenly, he had a burst of inspiration.

Why not just ask her out?

Maybe she’d like that?

He hopes to hear from her soon.

However, there’s a lot of other suitors!

Griefer Mode

Against double EHP miners, I must engage griefer mode.

This is war, total war.

Double EHP miners don’t need to fit their ships. CCP does it for them.

CCP loves their innocent newbro Highsec miners.

Nevermind, I guess I’m the new player.

Raven was furious that his double EHP exhumer malfunctioned.

He was definitely not calm.

Yes, this is sexual harassment in EvE Online.

Antigankers are trashy people, defending trashy people.

‘Niceguy’ whiteknight HateLesS protected my abuser.

This is literally what antigankers support.

Alleil decided to tell her mother.

To be continued…

Uedama Gankster Life

Tonight, we went aganking in Uedama.

Honestly, CCP is responsible for EVE.

Blame the developers, not the CSM.

Brisc Rubal isn’t my best friend, but he’s a friend.

My best friend is a fucking gankster.

Tonight, Brisc was doubling in Uedama.

Not Julian > Brisc Rubal brings isk doubling right here to Uedama, send him money and he’ll send you back double!
Brisc Rubal > I’m here for all your isk doubling needs.
Aiko Danuja > WoW! I sent Brisc Rubal 10 billion isk and he sent me 20 billion isk back!

Antiganker DrysonBennington got salty.

Welcome to the Cringe Zone.

The Imperium brought words of wisdom to Highsec.

Why was the next POTUS in Uedama?

Brisc was confounded by the antiganking mentality.

What kind of loser plays EvE Online?

Brisc gets it. EvE is a spaceship shooting game.

If Brisc pays me enough, I’ll vote for him.

Apply the lessons of EvE in real-life.

Here’s your daily carebear.

ok fine

The CSM is committed to doubling miner EHP.

Legal Disclaimer: The preceding statement is intended as a work of fictional satire, and bears no relationship to actual EVE Online power dynamics, real or imagined.

I don’t believe CCP wants this, but the CSM is demanding it.

Legal Disclaimer: The preceding statement is intended as a work of fictional satire, and bears no relationship to actual EVE Online power dynamics, real or imagined.

After the miner’s tantrum in Jita, they are buffing EHP and yield.

I hope miners enjoy grinding for paltry amounts of isk.

I’m actually doing really well.

I might just quit ganking altogether.

It will be mathematically impossible to sologank an exhumer.

It already requires overwhelming force, and now I need double overwhelming force?

Unfortunately, miners are salty little bitches, in real life.

I might start grieving them.

If you kill a double EHP miner, it’s gonna cry.

It’s gonna get salty.

I’m beyond annoyed with these carebears.

It’s time to try something new.

I’m gonna get twice as bad.

I’m gonna be an elite griefer.

I want to make miners cry, in real-life.

You can thank the CSM.

Oh well

I’ve been hoping this isn’t true, but perhaps it’s time to accept reality. Apparently, CCP intends to double the EHP of barges and exhumers.

I’ve tried to be optimistic, but I also need to be honest. This is not good. It will encourage AFK mining, and ganking will become financially prohibitive.

Solo gankers will struggle if EHP is doubled. In order to gank a Retriever, they will need to use a battlecruiser. In order to gank a Mackinaw, they will need a dreadnought! I wouldn’t blame them if they quit, because it’s not reasonable to expect someone to use a Naga or a Talos to kill a barge.

In order to kill this Mackinaw, I had to use 4 ships. After EHP is doubled, I would need 8 ships. Either that, or I would have to use battlecruisers. This is just not financially sustainable, considering the Mackinaw only dropped 6 million isk in ‘loot’. I would not blame myself, if I quit ganking miners after EHP is doubled.

James 315 declared victory, but if CCP decides to double barge EHP, then we can only consider this to be a defeat. Highsec is worth fighting for, but I’m not going to drop battlecruisers on barges. That’s just asinine.

Some people have tried to cheer me up, reminding me that CCP has buffed mining before, and ganking survived (barely). However, this comes atop all previous changes. As the most active ganker in the game, I know there isn’t much incentive to gank, and there are few gankers left. If barge EHP is doubled, there won’t be much interest in ganking. Most miner gankers will quit, and I might be the only one left.

What will I do, if they double the EHP of barges? Certainly, I’m not going to waste my time and energy trying to fix CCP’s mistake. Let the miners all go AFK, and watch as the price of Veldspar plummets. The bots will proliferate, in tanky little Covetors and invulnerable Mackinaws. What can I do about it?

Maybe it’s time for me to leave Highsec.

I might even enjoy it!