Warcdeck SHAME

Recently, we learned that warcdeck griefing is out of control. In EvE Online, there is nothing you can do to stay SAFE.

I wanted to report this to the EvE Online forum community. However, doing so is a violation of the EULA…

Fortunately, I have a blog.

Thotapleb is widely hailed as the most dedicated antiganker.

He is the only loser of the Guardian Angel Award.

It all started when thotapleb got ganked, after which he began obsessively antiganking empty pods.

Three years later, he joined the once mighty Goonswarm. As readers may recall, this is a carebear’s best revenge.

Now he has to kill 1’309’276 more pods, just to break even.

The biggest joke, aside from thotapleb joining the very alliance which originally ganked him, is this…

Haha, lol, gf!

Despite blobbing like a coward, with 2344 other crabs to protect him, thotapleb failed to ensure that his bowhead followed basic safety protocols, and he got dunked by a lone mercenary.

Next time, stay out of Highsec!

Not A Miner

Miners often lie.

They pretend they don’t mine.

For example, miner Dragon Glider.

Another not a miner?

Dragon was perplexed by her citation.

A New Order mining permit?

Do mission Hulks need mining permits?

Dragon had a few concerns.

Do Hulks have mining lasers?

Sure looks like a miner!

I provided a free legal conslutation.

I love to help miners!

Lookin good!