Sexting Online

I receive a lot of email.

Oh boy, let’s take a look.

Learza sent me his schedule.


Kain Qo was in the mood.

I call it Sexting Online.


Miners make me piuk.

They have no purpose.

We can help them.

I love it!

Romance Online.

It looks like they had a second date.

T’ai loves to suck.

What a miner!


I love dicks.

Is CCP glad of what they made?

Let’s put a breeze in the Hulks.

This is EvE Online!



Miners are quitters…



Basically, miners are losers.

Will they ever accept reality?


Meanwhile, the ISD has a new policy…

As part of their effort to eliminate all discussion in the forums, they have begun enforcing a new rule.

All PvP, including ganking, is officially consensual! Anyone who says otherwise is a troll.


Krig’s Korner, Episode 10

Krig’s Korner, Episode 9

Princess Aiko is the best.

She always blog about ME))))

haha I’m not an NPC l’mao

283 + a blueprint?

…and an Orca… plus a Hulk?

That’s not what I asked for!

Haha, keep blogging space secretary.

Keep going, u dumb b.

There’s more…

I tried Aiko… and she blogged about it.

She loves blogging, especially with me.

Haha, I hope that miner writes her daily.

Aiko wasn’t a lezzi last night))))

I bet she wants to blog me again.

That girl is annoyed, paranoid, and full of void.

Woe to 1DQ

Well, hello there!

All gunkers are groons. Garrrrar etc.

We lost everything in Delve, so now we hide in Highsec.

Lin Sa La had a cunning plan.

Could she spam the gunks away?

Like all miners, she needs guidance.

These are actual screenshots from EvE Online!

The temper tantrum gradually subsided.

James 315 would have loved this miner.

I’m just a despotic totalitarian tyrant.

Across the galaxy, miners yearn for the return of their Saviour.

Will he ever keep them safe?


Oh well…

Cheerzah bravs!