Yria is Syria, Part 1

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Aiko watchers may remember the Audaerne Free Trade Zone, which evicted Silent Company and exiled them to Ronne.

Ikarus remembers…

All screenshots below from actual SICO interactions!

Silent Company is a pestilence upon Highsec, sucking new players into a mining trap. Newbros are soon bored to death with endless moon mining and scummy buybacks. Who will save them?

As a woman, in real-life and in EvE Online, I’m used to disgustingly inappropriate comments from incel miners. However, Silent Company has always struck me as particularly misogynistic.

Look, here’s the facts….

My boyfriend appreciates all the nice things I do for him, and when you try to shame me, he PLEXes all my accounts and his accounts and his friend’s accounts and even our mom’s accounts.

I’ve read what Silent Company has to say.

Their CEO, Ikarus Cesaille, claims “zero tolerance” for sexism, racism, and all those other isms. However, that’s just narcissistic whitewashing, as he attempts to weasel himself from the consequences of what his members have said and done.

Silent Company keeps it real classy, ya kno?

CCP knows I abide by the EULA.

I even got a GM commendation.

As a capsuleer in good standing, I am allowed to destroy you.

Excuse me, but my bra size is personal and private. I know my pictures are floating around, but you need to calm down.

Imagine, my surprise, when I realized this little group of toxic incels migrated from Ronne to Yria.

Apparently, Ikarus didn’t get the message.

Some things never change.

Oh, you do? You like that?

I think I’ll stick around.

Silent Company, I say to you…

I’ve heard you, I feel you, and I have decided upon a response.

To be continued…

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