Snuffed Out DDOS Attack

Srajin knew Kevin 284 was behind the attacks…

2… 3… 4… disconnect…

Princess Aiko investigates…

Srajin got disconnected again!

This is a fun game.

He started gaslighting me…

What a silly miner!


Hey, I know that guy!

So he invited me to the LITG discord.

I see…

Srajin didn’t believe me.

He’s a computer expert.

He cried and cried…

I just told him the truth.

Deny, deny, deny.

It was a real mystery.

PLOT TWIST: Tyrion Hekki is Goose Lee.

Srajin left with a warning.

It was a real mystery threat.

The End!


Sexting Online

I receive a lot of email.

Oh boy, let’s take a look.

Learza sent me his schedule.


Kain Qo was in the mood.

I call it Sexting Online.


Miners make me piuk.

They have no purpose.

We can help them.

I love it!

Romance Online.

It looks like they had a second date.

T’ai loves to suck.

What a miner!


I love dicks.

Is CCP glad of what they made?

Let’s put a breeze in the Hulks.

This is EvE Online!