Mister McGibblets Cries Again

Mister McGibblets is known for hysterics.

What would happen if he lost an Orca?

Let’s find out!

This is the kind of person antigankers support.

Hawk was bullied by the toxic carebear.

Hawk tried to care.

However, the miner would not stop.

McGibblets claimed bankruptcy.

He shared a pitiful tale of woe.

Originally, he quit EvE Online.

After having a kid, and quitting his job, he came back.

Hawk ruined everything!

McGibblets continued the unsolicited manifesto.

He chose EvE over his own family.

However, does the family even exist?

With no response from Hawk, McGibblets invented a reply.

McGibblets then responded to ‘Hawk’.

It was a stirring monologue.

PvP, in a video game, is terrible to behold.

I didn’t want to get involved.

However, he changed my mind…

To be continued…

Tapestry of Tears, RELOADED

The legacy of James 315 lives on.

In times of change, the fit will adapt.

Reload the Tapestry of Tears and see for yourself!

Don’t forget the sequels.

Legacy of Lahnius

The Rising Star

Don’t forget the prequels.

Sins of a Solar Spymaster

Crazy Like a Foxbolt

The Search for Anti-Ganking

That’s right.

That’s right!



Tale of Woe

Kalique Lennelluc began crying.

Where did his spaceship go?

Remember: real life friends don’t steal your toys!

With no friends, Kalique lamented in game.

Krig Povelli urged the miner to get a life.

Kalique had more to say.

In fact, he had life lessons to teach.

One parable was particularly poignant.



Krig’s mom doesn’t like whiny babies.

German Tears

EvE Online is often described as “submarines in space”.

Let’s see what Germans have to say.

What have you informal speaking gesaid?

Making the highsec gankers a little harder I know PvP is part of it, but could you make it a little harder for the highsec gankers? 6-8 catas with t2 weapons against a hulk has very little to do with being balanced. Is just an asshole behavior. Have already seen how 4 Coercer a Gila worth 1 billion. Dismantled ISK before Concord came. 50 million VS 1 billion. Something is going terribly wrong. I guess that’s also the reason why so many newcomers quit and the game has an average of only 20,000 players (including multi-boxers) online. e.g. No T2 weapons/ammo/modules in T1 ships Prevent the reset of the Concord.

It’s not fair when carebears pay to win, and then some ARSCHLOCH wants to PvP in a PvP game. It’s bad enough that PvP is even allowed, but it’s beyond ridiculous that gankers are allowed to dismantle isk. Also, T2 guns have no place on a T1 destroyer. CCPLEEZ!!!!!

Griefing freighters in a video game? NEIN!!!!!

Ganking freighters in real-life? JAWOHL!!!!!