Every now and again, a miner appears agitated.

In such cases, they often lash out.

Unfortunately, other miners set a bad example.

Fortunately, Sabrina wasn’t too upset.

She was just a little perturbed.

One of my bots offered helpful advice, but Sabrina wasn’t satisfied.

Naturally, in times of crisis, miners turn to the Heroin of Highsec.

I wanted to help her be content.

She contacted me, so naturally I replied.

I didn’t want to be rude.

Clearly, something is wrong.

I hope she repairs her calm.

Regardless, she needs a mining permit.


Sirtech Silicore

Previously, in the Princess Diaries…. Sirtech Silicore dramatically quit EVE quite a few times, but here’s more Sirtech content.

Sirtech hates this grief monger platform.

Apparently, he has quit again, after quitting again.

The CODE. is dead, but the memory lives on.

We wish Sirtech all the best!

Is there any cure for EVE induced psychosis?

Probably not…

Poor Sirtech…

I sure hope he calms down.

Oh well!

Don’t Quit!

A lot of miners think we are cheating.

They believe we are space bullies.

However, we’ve never forced someone to stop playing.

We want them to keep enjoying the game.

We especially love newbros.

I would be sad if I made someone leave.

What would EVE be, without iconic players like FARTSTINGER II?

Greedy carebears deserve to pursue their dreams.

Without miners, who will build our spaceships?

We appreciate their dedication.

Every miner is a cherished member of our community.

Please don’t uninstall.

Mine on!

See ya!

Give Me My Dom!

Quick nslo wasn’t quick enough…

He wasn’t a very good sport.

In fact, he was a crybaby.

However, he kind of likes me.

He started to calm down.

Maybe I would be his friend?

Maybe I would be his girlfriend?

Maybe I would replace his spaceship?

Or maybe not…

He began to beg.

He lashed out in anger.

He appealed to reason.

He wanted a Dom.

He needed a Dom.

Poor guy.

Maybe James will save him?



Loopy Luna

Shooting Ventures is a sacred duty.

They usually have no idea what is happening.

Luna is a veteran of nullsec, but she wants a safe space.

She is determined to fight back.

First, however, she needs to learn how.

Luna wants Highsec to be her safe space.

Someday, she will be ready to defend herself.

Be well!

Aiko Danuja Penismuncher

Antigankers are the most toxic people in the game.

High Side is a typical ‘white knight’. If I acted like him, antigankers would cry foul, claiming the moral high ground. However, you can see for yourself. Gankers are classy cats, and antigankers are bitterbear losers.

High Side’s alt is KOCMO EHOT.

They are upset, because I ganked their antiganking Talos.

Naturally, incels are enraged by my mouth.

High Side is crushing on me, and wants to pull my ponytail.

Aiko Danuja sucks dick, very cheap.
She’s a whore like her mother,
and she loves when you piss in her mouth.

He’s not wrong. I love a good time!


KOCMO High Side is a bad man, in real life…

… so I sent my regards.

You might not like me, but I’m kinda like a big deal, ya know?

I get paid to do what I love.

I’m a Princess!

High Side intends to continue with his ‘campaign’.

It is obvious who hasn’t been getting any blowjobs.

Like, real talk, I only date gankers.

Don’t be a poor

I honestly can’t imagine being a poor.

Why would anyone want to grind?


We sure love to help these newbros.

That’s right.

We are not ashamed.

Zaenis was recently asked if I’m his IRL wife…


I guess I’m doing ok.

We’ve been helping all the bears.

No miner left behind!

This never gets old!

We’ve had a lot of practice…

…and we are really good at what we do.

I love it!

So I’m just gonna keep coming.

You will know my name.

I’m a total diva.

I’ve also got a killer crew.

You just can’t stop us.

Don’t even try to extort me!

I’ll make you cry.

Big Trouble in Zeroland

Marilyn Manson has been concerned.

Apparently, it’s not safe to mine in a zero security warzone?

That whore Elise better pay her rent!

What happens when you recruit a mining Quisling?

What happens when you form an alliance of bot aspirants?

The null tutorial is getting harder.

Pandemic Horde has never seen such a crisis.

Is it possible to anti-awox?

What kind of person would grief innocent nullbears?

It’s just sad.

I’m scared of nullsec, and I am not Slimy Worm.




Isanamo Ventures

Like many Zionists, Goldstein simply wants money.

Fortunately, more experienced miners can help.

Alas, all miners must die. 

Of course, it would be anti-Semitic to think all Zionists are miners.

Indeed, Shekelstein kills miners.

He seeks to create a holy land, free and pure.

However, bigots like Toekeshi oppose this dream.

Such people are consumed by hate.

Toekeshi began chanting, as Shekel cleansed Isanamo.

Docked up, with no spaceship, there was nothing else to do.

Toekeshi wondered, whether Shekelstein might be an internet tough guy.

Actually, Shekelstein is a big strong man, in real life!

What a stud.





He’s lost a lot of spaceships.

Each loss triggers a fresh wave of emotional anguish.

Show some respect to me.

Don’t wind up like him.

Nobody likes a psychopats.

Honestly, there’s a lot of these guys in Highsec.

Maybe it’s just one guy, with lots of alts.

He’s bad at spelling.

He’s bad at grammar.

He kinda likes me.

Ok, he likes me a lot.

OmG, he likes me in real-life!

I know what he needs.

He’s such a bad boy.