Krig Povelli attended a Star Trek themed birthday.

All ROB’s friends (and alts) were there.

However, ROB vowed to kick Krig’s alt, and biomass.

ROB plays EvE Online in ironman mode.

Skywalker dropped a race card, reminding me of another miner, with a Star Trek name. This was HanSolo01 (along with HanSolo02 and HanSolo03), who happened to be piloting Hulks accompanying Skywalker. As I recall, HanSolo once made an appearance in minerbumping. This miner claimed gankers are racist, because they discriminate against the Russian “race”. Is Skywalker the victim of NATO discrimination?

Regardless, Krig’s alt Lucy had an objection.

It’s the old “It’s my birthday, and I’ll cry if I want to” scam.

You would cry too, if it happened to you.

ROB decided to evacuate.

Lucy encouraged Skywalker to hurry.

Before biomassing, would Skywalker grant Lucy a medal?

I’m a boss b, but Skywalker is not.

Krig: 5 – Skywalker: 0

Skywalker needed to sober up and focus.

Would Lucy get a medal?

He told Lucy to get fucked, over and over.

ROB Skywalker was a bad sport.

He didn’t want to award a medal.

Fortunately, it was a happy birthday.

So, about that medal?

Skywalker was not mad.

He would rather die, than honor Lucy’s success.

Ultimately, ROB was not yet ready to biomass.


Krig Povelli won a new 2023 ORE Orca.

It all started innocently enough.

This was a birthday party!

ROB (and his Star Trek themed alts) were not mad.

They didn’t need that Orca.

Birthday boy is above the law.

Krig (aka Lucy) was just happy to win a prize.

Did you know? Lucy is an anagram for Krig!

Here on the SOUTH SIDE, selling permits is not easy.

Indeed, ROB has a plan to avoid ganksters forever.

This will involve biomassing his accounts.


To be continued…

Special Time

Destiny Corrupted is bad at screenshots.

Let’s check the logs…

[01:01:52] MUHU001 > я бы тебе денег перевел 10 милиона [01:01:56] MUHU001 > дибил [01:04:08] Destiny Corrupted > Вы должны купить разрешение на перевозку [01:04:18] Destiny Corrupted > 100KK ))) [01:05:34] MUHU001 > я новенкий откуда я знаю где покупать я играю 6 день и лечу откуда начал [01:06:16] Destiny Corrupted > Ваши великие лидеры начали эту войну [01:06:35] Destiny Corrupted > Мы только защищаем себя [01:06:57] MUHU001 > меня ваша война не интересует


MUHU001 > I’m new how do I know where to buy I play 6 days and fly from where I started

MUHU was just a newbro.

MUHU001 > and what do you want me to raise money for a new powerful ship and also start fighting against you
Destiny Corrupted > A war that is going very badly for you!
MUHU001 > I’m not interested in your war

MUHU was not interested in his own wars.

Even when his alliance is the aggressor…

MUHU001 > I’m just upgrading the character
Destiny Corrupted > I’m just doing my job
MUHU001 > that’s mean

However, he vowed to fight back against meanies.

MUHU001 > I can also fly on my armagidon and destroy all passing ships and no one else will pour into your system
MUHU001 > I realized only one thing for myself, if I die, I will hunt too and 6 people can join

He promised to hunt Destiny.

MUHU001 > I repeat to you again, we are not all of us beginners on day 6, if it goes on like this, we will start hunting
MUHU001 > and our yel will not be an industry but a bounty hunt

He was serious.

MUHU001 > you are very mistaken if I bought armagidon and other beginners mind enough, believe me, I’m not a child
MUHU001 > how better to ship the ship, you would not rush to your conclusions it can become a boomerang for you

Destiny is finished!

MUHU001 > next time I’ll go there to you if I heal, I will destroy and fly not alone but in a group
MUHU001 > you finished the game
MUHU001 > and everyone will know about it you will be outcasts
MUHU001 > a squeak to you and not to seal, you can give normal people just like that

POP QUIZ: How do you say asteroid slave farmers in Russian?

Destiny Corrupted > There is no one in your “group” except asteroid slave farmers
MUHU001 > suck then silently
Destiny Corrupted > Get your whole fleet over here right now
MUHU001 > suck silently I said
MUHU001 > sheep pissed

MUHU was getting excited.

Destiny Corrupted > You talk a lot but do little
MUHU001 > talk less suck more, you will suck
Destiny Corrupted > It will be even more embarrassing when I destroy your entire fleet while I suck

It was a special time.

Destiny Corrupted > Where is the fleet?

Crazy Cat, Part 2

Back by popular demand, Crazy Cat!

What a miner…

Cat just wanted an appologuy.

Protip: There is a proper size for screenshots.

Rants can be endless.

However, screenshots should be less than 400 pixels in width.

Here’s a nifty chart.

Meanwhile, Catalina denied PvPv.

Everybody just wanted Cat to calm down.

Why was Cat ganked?

Hm, now there’s a thought…

Will she ever learn to enjoy EvE Online?

Finally, the court reached a verdict.

Cat is guilty as charged.

The end.

I said, the end.

I said… THE END.


However, Cat had more to say.