Cinco de Mayo

I recently cancelled New Order shares, replacing them with Aiko Points. Isn’t that nice? VCBee 315 thus realized the New Order is bankrupt, whereas Princess Aiko has stood the test of time. How long has it been, since you heard from James 315? I bet it’s been awhile. Indeed, Aiko Points are the smart man’s choice for financial investment. VCBee thus purchased 35 points, at 1 billion isk per point.

Apparently, he had to liquidate some assets.

Bee well.

I’ll never forget you!

Earn Aiko Points

Gyatt Festival, Dodixie Federal Test Center – Stardate 23360

System: Misneden

Today, I am nullifying all outstanding New Order shares. They no longer have any value whatsoever. For those who donated, I say “Thanks for the free isk, bro.” So now what?

You must pay again!

Highsec deserves better. Since I always be best, I am perfectly positioned to provide points for every citizen of Aikospace, ensuring isk flows for eternity. Even a bearpleb can succeed through my grace. In ganking,you can and will be saved.

I am pleased Aiko Points are available for merely 1 billion isk. Each capsuleer must purchase as many points as they can, in addition to the requisite mining permits, travel visas, and/or blue passes. To encourage you in this quest, bonus points will be awarded at the following tiers: 5 billion, 20 billion, 100 billion, 315 billion, 1 trillion, and 5 trillion. Furthermore, a very special reward will be offered to each shareholder who is the first to claim a bonus tier, and annual shareholder parties will celebrate the most generous supporters of Highsec ganking.

In fact, I have decided the ultimate second-place in EvE Online will be whomsoever sends the most isk. I ask, “How much isk do you have, and why?” This is your chance to find out. Unlike you, I guarantee that all isk will be used for ganking. Now that’s a square deal! 

ISK, assets, skill points, shares, and PLEX can always be sent to Aiko Danuja, to finance Aiko points. Every purchase will be formally acknowledged, solemnly honoured, and joyously commemorated on the brand new leaderboard, which I will update once I am done investing your isk. This is all outlined in my original shareholder agreement, as codified by myself. That’s reasonable and fair.

Code Ready Gelhan, Part 49

Code Ready Gelhan, Part 1

After losing the war, Fly Fearless fled to Uemisaisen.

As always, things were going well.

Yes, there are screenshots.

Kalorned thus began to solo the entire alliance.

Meanwhile, the alliance executor struggled to communicate.

Behind the scenes, Gai was not feeling calm.

This inspired Kalorned & Tweeps to join with a thousand characters.

With a little effort, Mission Ready Mining would finally be ready.

To be continued…

Code Ready Gelhan, Part 48

Code Ready Gelhan, Part 1

Previously, Mission Ready Mining fled Gelhan.

Meanwhile, Georgia enjoyed a few rounds of the ol isk double.

This would help finance the Tunnel Snake Empire.

AFK isk making was easier than ever.

Even TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet got in on the action.

PLOT TWIST: A Mission Ready director fell in love with Cultural Center.

I’ve been told this is important to the story.

A chance encounter between Agent Cultural Center and Megan Shadowkiss – a key member of the MRMNG directorate … This new bond would have significant consequences later on…

As I expected, Megan was another stupid blonde. Hmph!

Which brings us to December 17, 2017.

Georgia was caught selling mining permits to newbros.

The miners urged Georgia to return to Jita.

However, Georgia brought plenty of isk from Jita.

Would Georgia give isk, or take it away?

That’s when the boys had a cunning plan.

We rolled a large number of new characters. More than 1000. The primary purpose of the 1000+ alts we applied into MRMNG was to send in-game corp mails. These characters were rolled and applied into MRMNG beginning late in 2017. No applications were ever rejected. We planned to burn our alts in various ways, one at a time, over the course of 1000+ days. We wanted enough that we could have fun and be creative. Short of a mass kick, it would be tough to root us out.

Our alts adopted various personas. They would surface posing as concerned linemembers, newly promoted corp officers, Agents of the New Order, Metallica enthusiasts, chronically ill teenagers, and so on. Over 9000 corp mails were sent over the course of the campaign, which ensured uninterrupted dialogue between New Order Agents and the remaining 2000 members of Mission Ready Mining.

This would not end well, for Mission Ready Mining.

Each character received a unique handcrafted portrait.

One day, the alliance executor (Gai Heiyuu) logged in.

He was a real chump.

To be continued…

End of an Era, Part 8

End of an Era, Part 1

Previously, on AikoBomp…

Halbrad begged for a mining permit.

The miners debated whether to pay.

Subsequently, Halbrad struggled to clear his name.

Out of ideas, the miners waited patiently.

Just then, the gankers noticed a payment from CCP.

I guess we are getting paid?

We call ourselves the MomPoppers.

It’s not griefing, when it’s part of a business plan.

As for the miners…

…they were demoralized.

To be continued…

Mission Ready Mining, Reloaded

Listening to: Hazards

Fly Fearless alliance should be afraid.

They are not mission ready.

They are barely able to compose a coherent sentence.

However, miners are still men of a sort.

You know how men are…

I’m mission ready sexy.

The Devil only wants one thing.

This sexy talk concerned my IRL boyfriend.

So naturally Devilishh was sent to miner’s prison.

Meanwhile, Tweeps decided it was time to have the talk.

Uh oh.

It is what it is.

To be continued…

That’s right.