Real Talk

I like to have fun.

Recently, I reported breaking news.

Zazz is a former fan.

Remember the good old days, when Zazz still played EvE Online, after James 315 ragequit two years before?

Haha. Remember that time The Aggressor dunked James, who spent eight (8!) years writing a therapy blog, before disappearing, just like he did after his previous hobby involving… political content?

Me and James 315, we agree on politics like Ocasio-Cortez and Mitch. However, the old turtle has been dead for years. His CODE. was a tea party, astroturfed by George, which collapsed when the bubble burst. I am more sophisticated than that. By applying the principles of Hari Seldon, the Order has evolved into a grassroots autocracy.

Many battles, she emerged victorious,
Leaving her foes feeling notorious.


Bards don’t hiphop for Zazz.

James was a funny man, but I’m not.

I’m just here to help.

Some miners yearn for the old Minerbumping, with Annie Frank who on September 6, 2018, said “You did really good work. I really appreciate your new and different post. Please guys keep it up and share with us some unique post in the futureMenmy shopCar Stereo Double Din Android Player Hyepersonic Double Din Player Hyundai Creta Double Din Player CBSE open school cbse private banzaraon journeyAdj online.”

James always believed in me, even if Zazz lost faith.

I don’t think this is funny.

Who writes erotic fanfic about me and James, in the belt?

I get it… This is an ‘origin’ story.

Grrr. Hulksgarrrrr hathat. Hulkgeddon SMASH

“Praise Aiko!” is reverberated throughout the entire starbase, again and again, as the fleet takes off. Today, the miners will be hunted. Today, the miners will once again know fear.

It goes on, and reaches a happy ending.


Yakuzan logged in, to announce she quit.

Otherwise, she intends to antigank.

Yakuzan theorycrafted a successful ag doctrine.

Fortunately, Yakuzan doesn’t play EvE Online.

Back in the day, Yakuzan was a famous ganker.

This experience taught Yakuzan all the ganker tricks.

She could apply this knowledge to antiganking…

To prove it, Yakuzan orbited a gate in Uedama.

In reality, Yazkuan is just a miner.

Even miners have ships…

…but all 2007 players are failures.

Neurotica 1, Part 6

Neurotica 1, Part 1

Erotica 1 loved bonus content.

Woah… who was that girl? She seems to show up in every bonus room, like some kind of grieferette!

Anyways, utilizing my encrypted Signalbase NFT cryptoforum for Solana (which is going to the moon), Erotica’s mentor George had his assistant reach out for a friendly reunion.

After he was permabanned, Erotica had a problem.

His EvE Online activities did not look good in court.

What would FighterJets GuitarSolo do? What about Fighter Jets GuitarSolo or FighterJets Guitar Solo 1000 years?

As CEO of NFT Corporation, Erotica insisted upon doxxing himself, claiming the EvE community would defend his good reputation and high ethical standards. In fact, NFT Corporation never existed, but eventually he formed a legal illegal lawfully regulated corporation.

He also created a blog several blogs.

Exploiting international tragedy became the primary focus of his new business, capitalizing upon the NFT cryptobubble.

It’s not a scam, right?

Of course not it is!

To be continued…

Stupid Bots

EvE Online offers consistent gameplay.

First, you find a bot and kill them.

They don’t seem to mind.

You can tell they are bots, cuz they just keep mining.

Afterward, there’s a meet and greet with local citizens.

Some miners enjoy having a princess in their life.

However, a salty antiganker inevitably arrives.

These miners are especially stupid.

Antigankers are the most incompetent people in the game.

I can kill them with twelve hands tied behind my back.

Naturally, the antiganker spun defeat into delusions of victory.

Curiously, Inquisitor admitted to botting. Antigankers try to defend bots, but the ‘people’ they ‘protect’ don’t care, and aren’t even at their keyboard. Regardless, the antigankers consider this a heroic success, which they fail at continuously.

These miners know ganking isn’t PvP.

You need two players for ‘real’ PvP.

Eventually, the botter returned to his keyboard, discovering that two Macks are missing. As always, he used this as an opportunity to gloat about meaningless killrights.

Of course, he blamed one of his kids, and sought sympathy by pretending to help the other bots.

Miners sure do love mining!

Lonely Miner

CABO4EVER > mack, realy?

Hello CABO.

CABO4EVER > you tried to kill my mack..remember?
CABO4EVER > its high sec, mate..

CABO was pleased to collect killrights.

CABO4EVER > 26 days 26 days..23 days…26 days.. have the time, dont worry:) i amwatching you ALL…every step…
Zopiclone > activate my killright
CABO4EVER > i could be your daddy , son…
CABO4EVER > perhaps grandpa…kid..
Zopiclone > Please activate the KR on me
CABO4EVER > you wont be in a CAT, promissed..when you go BOOOOMMM! ill be camping out there when you are in your shiny BS…..KAAABBBOOOOOOMMM!1

Other miners were not impressed.

Rozo Druprime > lol he’s so stupid
Ellena Saisima > miners have no teeth so he wont actually do anything
CABO4EVER > it said i could bring friends…and thats what i am going to do.. but only when it hurts, realy hurts, lmao
Eyghynouel en Thielles > he accused me of being a “ganker” and i’ve only been playing for a week
Rozo Druprime > lol yeah he’s a retard, ignore him.
CABO4EVER > you read about those agents that can locate any player anywhere, right? and surprisely….KAAABBOOOMMM, BANG YOU R DEAD, LMAO!!!!

CABO is a lonely miner.

CABO4EVER > i have no one to talk to..cause of those filthy gankers 🙁 lets buried the axe, come harvest with me
Rozo Druprime > not even his “friends” want him in their corps. he’s looking for a new mining corp cause he got kicked out of all the other ones lol
CABO4EVER > i am a miner, not a fighter…:)