Double Hulks

Archer Sterling 2nd > Your ganking doesn’t concern me
Archer Sterling 2nd > Your permit can go strait up your …
Fate and Destiny > Calm Down Miner

Archer Sterling 2nd > you can come back and kill my ship every day…I wont pay a cent
Archer Sterling 2nd > Hahahahahahahha…
Archer Sterling 2nd > Hahahahaha
Archer Sterling 2nd > hahahahaha
Archer Sterling 2nd > If I pay, you win…if I don’t…you have to take more isk from me than I make.
Zopiclone > You sound pretty defeated

Archer Sterling 2nd > i’ll be honest with you…I’m banking some isk before I get back into null
Fate and Destiny > Cool story

Goodbye TDF

I’ve lived through a lot of EvE history. The IRL death of James 315, the extinction of TEST, the purging of Mittens (also IRL), the dissolution of the Imperium, and now we observe the end of TDF.

Like most newbro friendly pedo guilds, TDF was dedicated to maximizing their isk/hr, via Highsec incursions.

These losers thought they were cool, but…

All autism must end.

The war was over before it began.

Wow, that was actually really easy.

Profitable too.

I hope TDF had as much fun as we did…