End of an Era, Part 2

Previously, on AikoBompr

Incursions are despawning across Highsec.

After winning an incursion, our team set course to the next site.

Carebears were flummoxed.

Where was the free easy isk?

The miners suddenly had a lot more free time.

So they began crying in Discord.

Some searched in vain for a silver lining.

Others conspired to scam CCP with exaggerated grief.

Screeching could be heard across the galaxy.

Eventually, Hawk received a formal complaint.

This was amusing.

To be continued…

End of an Era

Hey there.

Something is happening to the incursions.

They are ending earlier than normal.

Incursion bears love easy passive income.

However, when the ‘mothership’ is destroyed, the isk faucet turns off.

Crabs don’t like to ‘win’ the event.

Instead, they try to drag it out as long as possible.

Wrathful Hawk decided to do something about this exploit.

He was joined by Jason Kusion, Andres M Afanador, [REDACTED], MOONPIRE, and a few other Highsec friends.

Their incursion community wanted to win.

Op success!

The miners were not pleased.

It was the end of an era.

To be continued…

Krig’s Korner, Episode 13

Listening to: All Day, All Night

Krig’s Korner, Episode 12

I’m kinda not an asshole.

Your alliance is absolute trash.

You should be weary.

We will finish your space adventure.

Holy Aiko guideth me.

Her blasters are made from dead miners.

Her ponytail is dipped in their virgin blood.

Let no miner retain neutrons.

May she blog about me always.

We are the Guardians of Highsec.

Tee Ka Gets PKd

Good fight!

That’s right!


Tee Ka is a morality miner.

He prayed for us all.

Tee Ka is also a space lawyer.

Fortunately, he discovered the CODE.

He didn’t like it.

The rebellion was short lived.

Tee Ka was quickly overwhelmed by cats.

He fought the law, and the law won.

Tee Ka was scared straight.

So naturally, he joined my mining corporation.

Believe it or not, but newbros love gankers.

Unlike antigankers or gankbears, we are fun to hang out with.

Tee Ka was impressed by our elite PvP skills.

However, Tee Ka was also concerned.

Fortunately, everything was fine.

So he turned his attention to the CODE.

He had one simple request.

Aiko Danuja > Tee Ka please help us write a good code
Tee Ka > make it illagal to gank unarmed pilots withour warning, give them 60 sec to leave or pay the price, this would set you guys as the true side of good and justice, them firms of penalty
Aiko Danuja > that’s what we do!
Tee Ka > no that not what you do
Aiko Danuja > if u werent given a 60 sec warning, u should contact internal affairs

In fact, his proposal was already implemented by existing legislation.

There was just one last concern.

He was worried about Princess Aiko.

So he offered some fatherly advice.

Every Princess needs a Daddy.

Fortunately, he forgave on me.

Doidn That Braking

That ended poorly.

On Day 4, Andres M Afanador reflected on these events.

What are we even talking about?

Oh right, now I remember.

That’s right.

Andres finally admitted he’s a miner, and never tough.

I wen t so salty, cuz some people enjoy mining.

Andres, I’m sorry – you deserve a free mine on me.


Unfortunately, Andres still blames me for his failed mining.

Indeed, doidn that omg brake CODE.

Andres was neither the first, nor the last.

Miyammato Musashi is another loosely affiliated mining alt.

CODE. jump freighters are often salty.

No, your random mining alts are not automatically blue.

I don’t know what you are talking about.

That’s when things got weird.


Going South

Wormhole aficionado Stony wrote our editors.

There’s a video of Andres M Afanador?

There’s a video of him mining??

OmG! That’s him – THAT’S THE SAME GUY!



I want to be his friend, but he keeps mining.

That’s not ganking – that’s turbo crabbing!

A full decade of shameful mining.

Why Andres, why?

Years apart, me and Chance had the exact same question.

He love mined on us both.

Andres, real love doesn’t require mining.

Andres, please stop…

He loves us, but he is not loyal to us.

I hope he calms down.

That’s actually embarrassing!

On behalf all your friends, Andres, just stat some ramson.