Neurotica 1, Part 6

Neurotica 1, Part 1

Erotica 1 loved bonus content.

Woah… who was that girl? She seems to show up in every bonus room, like some kind of grieferette!

Anyways, utilizing my encrypted Signalbase NFT cryptoforum for Solana (which is going to the moon), Erotica’s mentor George had his assistant reach out for a friendly reunion.

After he was permabanned, Erotica had a problem.

His EvE Online activities did not look good in court.

What would FighterJets GuitarSolo do? What about Fighter Jets GuitarSolo or FighterJets Guitar Solo 1000 years?

As CEO of NFT Corporation, Erotica insisted upon doxxing himself, claiming the EvE community would defend his good reputation and high ethical standards. In fact, NFT Corporation never existed, but eventually he formed a legal illegal lawfully regulated corporation.

He also created a blog several blogs.

Exploiting international tragedy became the primary focus of his new business, capitalizing upon the NFT cryptobubble.

It’s not a scam, right?

Of course not it is!

To be continued…

The Audio CODE.

Listening to: The Truth About Highsec Ganking


Sargon, with a little help from Tweepsadoodledoo and Don the Dolphin Pleb, decided to try an experiment. What if they fed the CODE. into ChatGPT, and got chatbots Zargon, Sandy, DARPA, and Elon X Shabazz to write their own CODE. So the bots got busy and came up with their idea of what an artificial CODE. might be.

Whilst listening, you may notice a certain similarity to the original CODE. Why is that? Quite simply, even bots recognize the need for justice. So sit back, relax, and read along with the bots.

DOUBLE TRIGGER WARNING: Certain people might complain that they can’t understand the first bot. If that is your crisis, please calm down, and try to stop being a boomer. We recommend listening to the video while you sleep, and see if that helps you memorize the text.

For convenience, I have included links timestamped to the beginning of each of our cherished gospels.

The Beginning (this is where it starts)

The Middle (in between the other parts)

The End (the end)



What’s that sound?

Now that Juneteenth is finally concluding, following a few solid weeks of that dank edible strawberry shortcake, with blue, and yellow purple pills (what?), it’s that time of year again!

Chat let’s go!

I take a couple uppers
I down a couple downers
But nothin’ compares
To these blue and yellow purple pills
I been to mushroom mountains
Twice or thrice, but who’s countin’?

Cool, calm, just like my mom
With a couple of Valium in her palm
When I find six miners and kill them all
Squashed by a b and scammed by her alts
If you got cash, hide it soon

Everybody with a kilo (Me!)
D400 throws the bombest bash in town
Roll up on you like kaloaororaoooidnedlorn
Bizarre, don is passin’ out
naked with a weapon drawn
(true story)

Pop pills, pills I pop
Pop two pills, on stilts I walk
Snort two lines filled with fen
Thought I was incredible and killed the Hulk
^actual lyric

Why the hell you miners think we gank?
We do it just to get your wallet jacked
So okey-doke, packin’ your freighter with void
Don’t give a damn if red or blue
You like smack? Oh, me too!
I pop six at a time

High off chronic
Gin and tonic demonic
At a rave, I’m a whore
I said bounce
Shut your mouth you stupid slut
Droppin’ heroin mesc dramamine
Wanna try? (yaya!)

Some, some, some
Somethin’… I don’t know
Bounce Bounce Bounce Jump Jump Jump
Security Status Lowered


Tricky TrickyNicky

Listening to: It’s Too Late

TrickyNicky was a real trickster.

I’ve heard allegations of stream sniping and illegal EULA violating Highsec PvP. However, nobody stream sniped Nick. Absolutely not. Although he was streaming, nobody was watching his stream for any kind of intel or ingame advantage. In fact, believe it or not, but we can actually find you with (or without) combat probes. For real. No cap.

Secondly, as you watch the video, you can see Nick was AFK. In fact, he was busy on a video call, showing off his electric shapes and his shades. Indeed, when I entered local, Nick wasn’t in the same room as his computer! Can you imagine playing any other game, and your opponents aren’t even there? What kind of game is that? Hello?

We must recognize the truth. Miners covet ice and ore, but they refuse to follow basic safety protocols. As dedicated content providers, it is our duty to make EvE Online challenging and interesting, so they decide to actually try and pay attention. They might call us griefers, and threaten to ban us, kill us, rape us, and report us. However, we must do our part to help them stay awake. Remember, this is a game.

We had a quick chat.

Aiko Danuja > If everyone mined all day, then the ore wouldn’t have any value. So when you think about it like that, ganking is good for miners.
TrickyNicky > your not wrong on the ganking
TrickyNicky > tipping my cap = o7
Aiko Danuja > I’ll allow it.

He told me a little about himself.

TrickyNicky > im going to give you my resume
Aiko Danuja > Very well.
TrickyNicky > my main is mining, i have a mackinaw and hulk for ore and ice mining, im about within a month or 2 away from a ship that can do ore and ice compression. (all depends what comes first)
Aiko Danuja > I see.

He also explained his revenge plot.

TrickyNicky > im a numbers guy, I am more in favor by reporting Sargon Of Amerish for stream sniping
TrickyNicky > either way i have caught Sargon Of Amerish for stream sniping. but i would like to put diferrentices aside for future employment.

I sure hope he calms down.

Aiko Danuja > You were reported by an anonymous informant who noticed you did not have a mining permit.
TrickyNicky > thats a “3rd party in game permit” with controversal stream sniping. which in the end is a war…. do we want that???
Aiko Danuja > I should hope not.

Nick left me with an ominous warning.

I asked my mom to review the gank.

Don’t worry mom, I’ll save the miners.

Thanks for the memories (and augmented mining drones).

… I’m holding on to this scram
Got your shields ten percent down
And I’m hearing what you say
But I just don’t even care

… You tell me that you need ore
Then you go AFK, and oh wait
You tell me that you’re sorry
Didn’t think I’d warp in and say

… That it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late
I said it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late
Too late, oh

… I’d take another security hit, just let it fall
To take a shot at you
But that’s nothing new, yeah yeah

… I loved you with neutrons, flashing red
And you say it’s just not fair
CCP let you think it was safe
But you should be afraid

… It’s too late to apologize, it’s too late
I said it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late, whoa


TamiyaCowboy brought a terrible crime to my attention. As you know, Tamiya is a veteran streamer. Over the course of a legendary seventeen year career, with seventy thousand hours of combat experience, Tamiya has dunked more than one hundred vessels. Unfortunately, his inspirational story reached a disturbing finale.

Our whiteknight champion was brought down, by an “instalocking hacker multiscript kiddy stream sniper.” Supposedly, I am responsible, because this “f****** b****” is a member of my alliance. However, I am not the dean of SAK, and have never met Caldari Citizen. Nevertheless, as Tamiya informed me, 2119440471 is a brainwave controlled minion of the notorious cyberbully, Adrian Vexier.

Miners dread this vexatious capsuleer, but Adrian is also not a member of my alliance. In fact, he is in another alliance.

Regardless, Tamiya described a brutal beating…

I began to suspect Tamiya was exaggerating, falsely portraying himself as an innocent victim.

As Tamiya explained, he was also bullied by lead developer Ergroth DeBruges (once again, not in my alliance).

However, contradicting this claim, Tamiya’s own viewers felt that Ergroth’s newbie Tristan posed no threat.

According to Tamiya, Adrian stalked him, trespassing upon Tamiya’s private public Twitch stream. In fact, Tamiya invited Adrian to the party! It is unreasonable to claim Adrian invaded the stream, when Tamiya repeatedly and personally invited Adrian Ergroth, whom Tamiya believed to be a “f****** total newbie.”

Meanwhile, viewers observed that the alleged “stream sniper” didn’t even want to join Twitch.

Subsequently, Tamiya began to trash talk the “f****** newbie in a piece of f****** s*** ship.” Tamiya called him a “broke a** b***** r*****” and vowed to “f****** r*** and literally f****** kill and literally f****** r*** to little bits.” Yes, our innocent streamer vowed to “literally rape” and “literally kill” Ergroth. That’s a verifiable fact.

They wanted to provoke an emotional reaction.

Within Tamiya’s toxic chat, virtue signalling carebears frequently violate the EULA of both Twitch and EvE Online.

As a journalist, I am an advocate of free speech. I don’t think bad language is that bad, because I grew up in the hard towers of a palatial estate. However, some people conspire to portray PvP players as griefers, whilst themselves engaging in griefplay. I don’t mind the inappropriate language, but I object to blatant hypocrisy.

Tamiya’s viewers wanted him to PvP a “newbie”, and plotted to “r***” Ergroth. Therefore, Tamiya invited Ergroth to Twitch, for the purpose of extracting newbie salt and tears.

Tamiya wasn’t trying to get away from Ergroth. Instead, he encouraged Ergroth to follow. Tamiya literally said, “Let’s see if I can bait him. I want him to follow me.”

Only turbominer Lucas wanted a boring PvE stream.

A career forum troll, Lucas has been ranting for fifteen years, in an endless crusade against video game PvP.

Why is Lucas so mad?

He just wants to mine in easy mode…

Therefore, Lucas hopes to remove PvP.

Tamiya tried to include Lucas (who was afraid of Ergroth).

Everyone else was ready to fight!

Meanwhile, Tamiya invited people to Twitch, including the person he intended to bait. Is it reasonable to accuse someone of stream sniping, when you invite them to your stream?

Wasn’t Tamiya asking for it?

PLOT TWIST: With an instalocking script, and smartbombs, Caldari Citizen wallhacked his way to victory!

As I watched this unfold, I realized Tamiya is a poor sport, salty after losing a fight he intended to win. He tried to bait a newbie, and got mad because they won. As a veteran player, he should know better. You don’t need to stream snipe, to find a pod on the Jita gate!

After his humiliating defeat, Tamiya switched to Elite Dangerous, a game where carebears pretend to be space pirates. Ironically, even this game warned Tamiya to be more careful.

Oh no, simulated tunnel snakes!

Tamiya failed again.

Without further ado, Tamiya’s vulgar stream is linked below, where you can hear him for yourself.

It’s obvious what happened.

Tamiya wanted to fight a new player, and lost. Subsequently, he made a false accusation, pretending to be the victim of someone he tried to bait, “We could just report him for being a f****** griefer… just to really rub some salt…” Meanwhile, he gloated about preferential treatment “because I’m a f****** streamer.”

What an angry bear.

He even said CCP devs are “literally f****** little b**** girls”.

That’s just sexist!


POSTSCRIPT: Upon viewing this blog, at least one of Tamiya’s viewers has understood my point. Tamiya’s chat was full of people laughing at Ergroth, and trying to provoke a fight.

Tami still claims to be innocent.

Manic Griefing

Manic Velocity is full of it.

On his propaganda stream, Manic Velocity tried to create an echo chamber, in which the only allowed opinion is that gankers “want” salt and are “going for” salt. The implication is that gankers are griefers, because they are trying to provoke an emotional reaction. Although ganking is acceptable, griefing is not!

Ganking is fine, nobody has a problem with ganking, but gankers are griefers! Every carebear knows ganking is allowed, but it goes too far when ganking affects another player…

I watched the video again, to ensure I heard correctly. Manic said, “[Hateless] was salty… he was really upset. The fact that he was having this reaction on camera… that’s what the gankers were going for. That’s the reaction they wanted.” Those griefers!

I objected, asking how Manic Velocity knows what we want. He has never spoken to us, but claims mystical insight into our motivations. He then denied that he ever claimed this!

When I observed that he said otherwise, he banned me. This led to a debate over whether “good fight” is a malicious form of griefing, followed by a discussion of blowjobs and golden showers.


Fortunately, Brisc Rubal knows that other show is “weird as hell”, and agreed to actually talk to gankers.

I reccomend you listen to Globby, Joe, Jason, and Zaenis. Great guys! Some people wonder why I wasn’t there, but Queen Elizabeth didn’t have time for interviews, and neither do I. I’m busy ganking miners, but I was pleased to hear that people think I’m the best ganker, the cutest ganker, and the most vicious ganker in the game. That’s right!

Unlike carebear talk shows, the Meta Show doesn’t ban people, even though they disagree with the speakers. This creates a community with open discussion and reasonable debate.

When you actually talk to gankers, it’s hard to argue that gankers are griefers. This is why carebear talk shows have to ban gankers, because if you talk to us, we say things like “Ganking is good for new players…” and “Highsec miners are toxic…” These arguments are compelling, and any rational person will support us.

Ganking makes EvE a better game.

Fleablock wondered about the rumors.

Did Aiko serve in the Beeitnam War?

Who do you think organized the Perimeter Front?

Other people wanted to discuss Orcas.

Hawk intends to kill Orcas, until Hateless stops whining.

Will Highsec miners ever stop crying?

This might take awhile!

Miners are already complaining to Hateless.

Brisc Rubal brought our community together.

Gankers are opposed to genuine harassment: racism, sexism, and death threats. However, ganking is not actual harassment. Unfortunately, some people think ganking is griefing, because emotional streamers voluntarily share their absurd reactions.

What is the final verdict?

If you are a streamer, you are not exempt from PvP. So if you don’t want to be ganked on stream, then don’t stream! You are the one streaming, you are the one broadcasting your reaction to the entire galaxy, and nobody actually wants to watch your boring video.

Boring in Stations

Hateless went live, to discuss his theory of griefing, but I don’t recommend watching the show. Hateless had an opportunity to discuss griefing, but instead he droned on about his computer, his multibox setup, and bragged about how easy it is to avoid “griefers” whilst ratting in nullsec. As you can see, host Nick Bison fell asleep.

Hateless clarified that ganking and bumping are allowed gameplay mechanics, but gankers and bumpers are griefers.

In particular, he cited the precedent set by notorious roleplay griefers Zaenis Desef and Chance Ravinne.

As Hateless explained, bumping and ganking are totally ok, except when this inconveniences him.

The moderators could have engaged the debate, asking Hateless to define griefing, or discuss specific examples. They could have asked Hateless what he expects CCP to do, or how we can discern the subtle difference between “griefing” and “adverse gameplay”. They could have asked Hateless how anyone is “stream sniping” him, when he literally sits in the same system for months, doing the same repetitive tasks in the same exact location. Instead, they simply banned everyone who asked these questions, and allowed Hateless to talk to himself.

Hateless only cited one specific example of griefing.

He called my channel “horrendous”.

Supposedly, gankers trigger this toxicity.

Biased moderators banned all disagreement.

Hateless said he doesn’t want anyone to attack me, or go after me. However, I am his singular example of griefing, and griefers (ie: me) should be permanently banned from the game.

As evidence, he cited my blogpost about SSno1.

It is true, SSno1 quit the game.

However, he wasn’t “griefed” out.

In fact, I urged him to stay.

What Hateless doesn’t understand, is that my “victims” love Queen Aiko. They enjoy PvP. They enjoy losing the game. A lot of them enjoy it so much, that they swipe their credit cards and come back for more. I’m playing the game as intended, and that’s not griefing.

Hateless had some interesting ideas. For example, maybe CCP could make players in NPC corporations invulnerable to PvP?

Hateless, I know you are reading this.

You are a miner.

You aren’t concerned about griefing.

You just want easy risk-free money.

Maybe you should try a less challenging game?