Why Mine?

A lot of One people felt I was hard on Andres.

Andres enjoys a relaxing mine.

That sounds like fun, right?

Why else would anyone mine?

Amazing content, in real-life and in EvE Online.

Andres, you have to choose, me or the ice.

It’s an addiction.

There’s only one solution.

Friends don’t let friends mine.

There’s much better content.

That’s why they call me Aiko.

It’s like a reverse Awox.

Yo, she cried less than Andres!

Internal Affairs Debrief – Bonus Extra Room 17T

I was cleared of all charges.

Mining Andres

Listening to: Minimal Techno Classic 3

That’s a lie.

Andres M Afanador is a Highsec miner.

Like most miners, he just doesn’t get it.

Andres, we are not into mining.

Recently, Andres began mining for BLACKFLAG.

Apparently, they’ve fallen on hard times.

Andres, you need a mining permit!

So then the ganks began…

A gentle reminder to stop mining.

He actually thought BLACKFLAG would protect him?

Breaking News: Andres M Afanador caught mining in Highsec.

Our leadership has a consensus.

We all wanted a solution, including Tweeps (aka James 315).

Meanwhile, Andres was (not) salty.

Andres isn’t in my alliance, and he is mining. Is that loyalty?

Andres, I find your loyalty insufficient.

The diplomatic situation was deteriorating.

Fortunately, my friends are not stupid.

Andres the antiganker failed again.

Nobody likes an antiganker.

This is how things work in Highsec.

Stop mining.

Pay your taxes.

Obey the CODE. Safety agents.

Seek help.

Never go full miner.

Those minerals I mine are freeREEE!

Andres had a little too much ice.

I hope he calms down.

That might be difficult.

Bee well!

Helping Out

Miners have a lot of questions.

What do you think?

They are a strange and curious race.

It is our duty to civilize them.

Sometimes, they die horribly.

I’ll show them the art of the upsell.

I love to help.

Another happy miner.



Kotojo wanted reassurance.

He wanted to be remembered.

Every miner deserves our full attention.

We practice excellence through empathy.

Very nice!

What will happen next?

Stay tuned…


Chatting with Bots


Let’s review:

  • Mine somewhere else (there are 10,000 systems).
  • Don’t go AFK (very effective, but hard to master).
  • Fit your ship (asteroid scanner doesn’t count).
  • Try to make friends (antisocial wierdos are losers).
  • Don’t be a poor (or a whale).
  • Get good (good luck).


  • Uninstall (recommended best practice).

Let’s see what else the bot has to say.

Indeed, mining permits are very important.

Ah, but what if we use “calm down miner” offensively?

I see, that’s good stuff.

Haha, you guys.

Ok, that’s not funny…

That’s right.

That’s right!

Good Clean Fun

Listening to: Aftermath

Trigger Warning: EvE Online

Oh my, that one really crossed the line…

From time to time, we review CCP’s character name policy.

They take inappropriate names very seriously.

Let’s take a quick stroll through Search…

Everything looks fine here!

CCP has already addressed the most sensitive subjects.

EvE Online is a SAFE space.

No racism or inappropriate sexual content here!

Can you find the naughty word?

Hmph! Me neither…

Just harmless fun in EvE Online.

It’s impossible to get a naughty name past the GM team!

Anything catch your eye?

No worries here.

If nobody has killed themself in 7 years, it’s fine!

Just good clean fun for everyone.

As you can see, CCP is on top of it.

Nothing even remotely questionable here!

A decade is plenty of time to catch these bad boys!

This year, we award CCP a Gold Star.

Long gone are the days of blatantly offensive gamer names.

This is now a wholesome family game!

Every conceivable topic has been thoroughly addressed.

CCP is super woke.

Ok, see ya next year.

Have fun!