Yesterday, TRUMP-2020 went to the abandoned minerbumping channel. The lights were dimmed, with tarps over the furniture. Dust covered the once venerated Hall of Heroes, and the Great Catalyst was stripped of purple modules. Those sneaky agents… they moved, without leaving a forwarding address!

Our friend soon arrived in the glorious Why Was I Ganked? channel, where she brought dire news. However, court was currently in session, so TRUMP-2020 waited as Princess Aiko and Daniel Konigar debated the legacy of James 315.

Eventually, Daniel fled in disgrace, but the debate continued via intermediary.

Finally, it was TRUMP-2020’s turn to address the Halama. There were audible gasps, as she announced a terrible happening.

Not only would CCP be changing TRUMP-2020’s legal name, but they would ensure the character was utterly unplayable. Rather than applying a usable name, which could be done automatically or by allowing TRUMP-2020 to select another name, she was doomed to become Caldari Citizen 2117948871.

Certainly, CCP has the legal right to censor content in their game, as they see fit. However, this legal right does not imply moral or ethical right. A policy of censorship, applied haphazardly, is no policy at all. It is irrational, and calls into question the intellectual integrity of the censors. Yes, of course, a video-game company has the right to decide that political references should be discouraged. However, the policy is enforced at random, with no opportunity for debate. Instead of communicating with players, CCP has outsourced the discussion to alcoholic nerds on the CSM.

None of these names were offensive. Trump2020 = ok. TRUMP-2020 = not ok?

The absurdity of CCP’s policy becomes increasingly apparent, as we investigate the kinds of names which are traditionally allowed.

Relatively speaking, TRUMP-2020 isn’t that offensive.

I’ve definitely seen worse names.

You’ve got to wonder who is in charge over at CCP.


CREEPY PEDO NIGG = ok. TRUMP-2020 = not ok.

These are actual characters in EVE Online.

I don’t actually care what name someone uses, but seriously?


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