Good Clean Fun

Listening to: Aftermath

Trigger Warning: EvE Online

Oh my, that one really crossed the line…

From time to time, we review CCP’s character name policy.

They take inappropriate names very seriously.

Let’s take a quick stroll through Search…

Everything looks fine here!

CCP has already addressed the most sensitive subjects.

EvE Online is a SAFE space.

No racism or inappropriate sexual content here!

Can you find the naughty word?

Hmph! Me neither…

Just harmless fun in EvE Online.

It’s impossible to get a naughty name past the GM team!

Anything catch your eye?

No worries here.

If nobody has killed themself in 7 years, it’s fine!

Just good clean fun for everyone.

As you can see, CCP is on top of it.

Nothing even remotely questionable here!

A decade is plenty of time to catch these bad boys!

This year, we award CCP a Gold Star.

Long gone are the days of blatantly offensive gamer names.

This is now a wholesome family game!

Every conceivable topic has been thoroughly addressed.

CCP is super woke.

Ok, see ya next year.

Have fun!



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