LoL @ Khromius

@everyone LoL @ Khromius. It’s not every day I make isk fall from the sky, but it happens more often when salty carebears freak about ganking.

Gay Pride BOOOOOM caught Erbacher doing PvE carebear mining missions, so he did the only thing a self-respecting ganker would do. He put the hapless miner down. For some weird reason, this made Khromius cry, so he decided to declare war on me, lol! Why did Khromius become an antiganker? Yikes!

Khromius is learning the hard way. I’ve been nice and polite, but things go poorly for those who oppose me. You know, a little bird told me it’s possible to gank quantum cores. Is that true? Meanwhile, station grinding is beyond boring, not lucrative, and kind of awkward when gankers are in system. Yes, Khromius was so salty, that he literally paid CCP to make it easier for us to kill poor Erbacher again.

Behind the scenes, I’ve always supported wardeccers, and discouraged hostile actions against them. Meanwhile, my supporters inside BLACKFLAG. question their leader’s fitness to command. They don’t actually want to be antigankers, and they don’t enjoy cringing at his emotional blunders. Is Khromius really naive enough to think this war will end in a few hours? Why is he so salty about a mining Kikimora?

As Sun Tzu said, it’s best to check who you are attacking, before blindly stumbling into an always war. Khromius probably won’t believe the truth, but the good guys are laughing in Teamspeak, because he handed us piles of isk.

As the Queen of Antiganking, I let miners know my alliance is beset by space bully griefers. It didn’t take long to attract a white knight orbiter…

Khromius likely has no idea that Aiti Jen is a big supporter of Princess Aiko. Hey, just check out Proof of Concept, Part III. I’ll tell you what, it doesn’t matter how good you are at game mechanics, if someone else is way better at basic social skills. It’s called metagaming, because I win from beyond the game.

Aiti Jen Ichinumi > Maybe an alliance should be in order
Shekelstein Shakiel > thats correct
Aiti Jen Ichinumi > Very well. I heard you guys needed help. We have a common enemy, I thought I might be of help.

WoW! Just WoW! Antiganking is failing SO hard right now! Daily!

To be continued…



FU James 315

When James 315 died, in real-life, his last act was to clasp my dainty hand, and praise my name. He proudly proclaimed his little Princess, the black hole at the center of our universe, and he wanted to… but then he died, quite suddenly.

Recently, zombie James arose from the grave.

Technically, I dismantled the CODE. alliance, and I’m the only person to defeat James 315 in an honorable PvP duel. Good fight! So you would think antigankers might love me, but apparently not. Aiko is worse than James.

At least he admits the truth. I matter in a game, lol!

I decided to catch up with bizzaro universe 513 semaJ, in Isanamo.

He was mining in an Ibis.

Meanwhile, he ranted endlessly in local.

This didn’t make a good impression.

Eventually, we discussed politics.

In Miner’s Corner, I encouraged all miners to use a corvette.

Things quickly became personal.

Clearly, someone was off their meds.

Eventually, local Isanamoanites expressed concern.

This wasn’t just an anti-CODE protest, it was an anti-American protest.

Such is the caliber of ‘man’ who opposes me.

He loves mining, and he hates freedom.

He has particular disdain for certain states.

What a great guy!

My name is Aiko, and I’m the bad apple.

EvgheniCa loses an Orca

Miners clearly enjoy PvP content.

Like so many others, EvgheniCa is here to die.

She was tired of mining eggs, and finally she is free.

Unfortunately, she was mining and driving.

Therefore, she owed me money.

We agreed that I am most noble and trustworthy.

There was just one small problem.

Fortunately, I am very reasonable.

There was just one small problem.

EvgheniCa was bankrupt.

EVE is such a great game.

EvgheniCa has a new home, in my Why Was I Ganked? channel.

She also joined a new corporation, with a new career.

She seems happy.

What a lucky miner.

I think she likes me.

Super Easy

It’s one of the most common questions.

Most miners want a permit.

Of course, some gobloks refuse to cooperate.

Others are more agreeable, and listen to reason.

Nobody wants legal trouble.

Nobody wants punishment.

It’s always best to confess and cooperate.

Archangel89 was happy to negotiate with a pirate police princess.

He decided to purchase permits for his entire family.

What a lucky miner.


Highsec is full of little surprises.

We don’t like outsiders.

We’ve established our own sovereign regime.

I’m the official head of state…

…and I’m enjoying my EVE career.

I’m good at it!

Men love their little Princess.

I mean, really, they do.

Like, really, really.

I love them too!

I give the boys a real purpose in EVE Online.

I’m just a sexy lady.

Such a good girl.

No wonder James married me…


Big Trouble in Zeroland

Marilyn Manson has been concerned.

Apparently, it’s not safe to mine in a zero security warzone?

That whore Elise better pay her rent!

What happens when you recruit a mining Quisling?

What happens when you form an alliance of bot aspirants?

The null tutorial is getting harder.

Pandemic Horde has never seen such a crisis.

Is it possible to anti-awox?

What kind of person would grief innocent nullbears?

It’s just sad.

I’m scared of nullsec, and I am not Slimy Worm.




February 19

HeranMan‘s great DDOS attack continues.

Yep, I’ve been shut down.

I think we can agree that miners are stupid drug addicts.

These people actually exist in real-life.

I dunno Clark, you might be a carebear.

That’s right, suicide ganking is an international war crime.

From a woman’s perspective, he seems kinda sexist.

He’s also a hypocrite.

Real men love Aiko.

That’s right.

Enjoy this video, as HateLess answers that old question, “Why Was I Ganked?”