Highsec Miner Grab Bag #224

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #223

Highsec miners are just innocent noobs, right?

I don’t think so…


James used to do kills of the week, as part of his daily grind, but whatevs. As you can see, my sexy alliance is one of the most powerful forces in the galaxy, whereas the once mighty CODE. alliance has withered like a neglected fern. Even Elise Randolph, the Pandemic Whore, acknowledges my divine glory.

It sucks to think about CODE, but don’t blame me. I’m not the one who refused to tend the garden. Hey, if your stagnant aquarium is covered in mildew and slime, with black mold everywhere, then it’s time to drain the swamp. Sad! 

Now that we have put the old gods out to pasture, we are free to innovate and try things which were once sacrilegious, resulting in a permanent ban from the minerbumping channel. For example, Sargon invented Miner Bingo: Yahtzee Arena. If you can get seven (7) bingos in a row, you can take me on a date. Wink! Super gankbears might scowl and grumble, but they can’t stop us from having fun!

I did it! James went AFK, and I enforced the law, as he would have wanted.

Good for me. I’m having a blast.  

Like, hello?

What did he expect us to do?

Everybody just wants to have a good time.

I am here to help.


3footninja65 A is a notorious botbear, with way too many mining ships. When I won the Third Great CODE. Civil War, he tagged along. Why does he mine so much? Mr Cheng’s video is way too long, but the first five minutes are great. At least wait for Mr. A to start rapping. Haha. Bro.

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