Highsec Miner Grab Bag #223

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #222

\o Hello friends.

Miners write the darndest things.

They aren’t especially intelligent.

However, they should at least be polite.

I enjoy receiving fan mail.

I especially like poems.

Unfortunately, some miners aren’t very nice.

Crabs are kind of mean.

I don’t even mine in Highsec, have you seen any Highsec miner with omber crystal? Is your brain filled with dog shit? I was just going back to Jita. I wish your mom to die at Christmas.

5pm, tommorrow, you can go check yOur mom’s grave. I wish your entire family to celebrate Christmas one hundred times, in hell. You will get cancer and your grave will be a great place.

Mining seems really boring.

I just want them to purchase their permit.

It’s also helpful when they clear our kill rights.


They help us, and we help them.

Silly miners, they’ve been upset a long time.

I’m just glad to know, they love their Princess.

Aiko Danuja, a healthy mare.



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