No Title, Don’t Care

I’m just so amazing.

The miners love me.

I deserve a trophy.

zuzzik made this video to congratulate me.

I’m doing great!

My power grows beyond measure!

That’s right!



When I log into EVE, people notice.

I always check for friendly greetings.

I’m happy to hear from locals.

Sometimes, we even have a nice conversation.

If you purchase a mining permit, you can enjoy this same attention.

evan mclean wears his permit with pride, in nullsec.

evan loves his permit.

Everybody loves me.

I’ve got the galaxy wrapped around my fingers.

Just obey the rules…

…there’s nothing to be confused about.

I’m the heroin of Highsec.

So let’s have fun!

We’ll find you…

…and you’ll love it.

Until next time…

Keep calm and carry on.

You might even be a winner!

Russian Pride

Today is Russian Pride day.

They are a proud people, descended from gulags.

Russians are often concerned about ethics.

They are particularly focused upon economics.

Some have an interest in psychology.

I’m not always sure what they are saying.

Did you know that Russians made up their own secret alphabet?

What does it mean?

I have no idea.

Dick at a drunken bezyana suck

Fuck you go fucking)

Go fuck slut I’ll find you and fuck you

Russian grammar is just as bad, no matter which alphabet they use.

If you are such smart pyramids,
go to zero and there you will be fucked

I wish them luck in the Ukraine))).



I have heard the rumours.

Some say that Princess Aiko is a Sani Sabik cultist, bathing in the blood of miners.

Does that sound like something I would do?

They claim she is in league with Gallente terrorists.

Following a hostile takeover, she seduced the Caldari State.

The Brutor hordes, it is said, proclaim her name as a divine omen.

I have even heard that the Triglavian Collective obeys her every whim.

I can neither confirm nor deny.

I can only observe the obvious facts.

The galaxy belongs to me, and you need my permission to exist.

Everybody loves me.

Everybody else is nobody at all.

There is a new litmus test.

Consequences will never be the same.

I’m just really good at what I do.

Trust me.

You know the law.

So please stay safe…

…and don’t fall asleep!


I can officially assure you…

…pay me 30 million isk, and you won’t have to worry about CODE.

You can enjoy Safety.

There’s no point in resistance.

That would be futile.

simpleton Cowards couldnt fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

I wonder what they think of me.

I bet we could be friends.

If not, oh well.

Regardless, I have a vision for the future of Highsec.

It’s going to be a SAFE space for ganking minorities.

Everyone else is hereby evicted.

I think you know why.

Go on, get out!


What a wonderful blog.

Miners deserve my special attention.

I have a plan for them.

I’m having a great time!

I do well by doing good.

I’m teaching miners how to stay SAFE.

Everybody is eager and ready to help.

Even CCP is pitching in.

I’m glad the miners are so happy.

Highsec life has never been so profitable.

Spaceships are just falling from orbit!

They even come from faraway Nullsec, just to enjoy the luxurious bounty.

Good job Aiko!


Safe Space

Miners are having a rough time.

There’s got to be a better way to grind…

Maybe they should stop trespassing in my asteroid preserve?

Remember miners, Highsec is a safe space.

Just obey the law, and everything will be fine.

It’d be a real shame, if something happened.

You never know…

Bee careful!

True Love

Some miners are unhappy.

They think I’m a b-word.

They don’t like my alts.

They think I’m bad for the economy.

I’m just super scary.

I’m a space bully griefer, in real-life.

I’m here to kill newbros, in ships that can’t shoot back.

I actually am a b-word, in real-life.

I run with a tight little clique.

I know how to keep these boys happy.

So I’m gonna kill all them defenseless miners.

Ya know?

You love it.

You love my alliance.

You love me!

April 7

I’m doing a great job.

Everybody agrees.

They praise me across the galaxy.

The people love me.

They love me every which way.

It’s illegal to love anyone else.

I am a trueborn Lady of Agil.

I haven’t heard a single complaint.

Everyone is content.

That’s just how I like it.

Let’s play!

Miners hate getting ganked.

They just want us to go away.

That’s not likely to happen.

Begging won’t change anything.

There are a lot of us.

We’ve got nothing better to do.

We are here to win the game.

Only losers quit.

So let’s play EVE!