Mission Ready Mining, Reloaded

Listening to: Hazards

Fly Fearless alliance should be afraid.

They are not mission ready.

They are barely able to compose a coherent sentence.

However, miners are still men of a sort.

You know how men are…

I’m mission ready sexy.

The Devil only wants one thing.

This sexy talk concerned my IRL boyfriend.

So naturally Devilishh was sent to miner’s prison.

Meanwhile, Tweeps decided it was time to have the talk.

Uh oh.

It is what it is.

To be continued…

That’s right.

End of an Era, Part 5

Listening to: Ready or Not

End of an Era, Part 1

Previously, on AikoBomp…

Incursion bears killed their own mother.

They had nothing to do but cry.

Their whining could be hard across the galaxy.

Meanwhile, we all had a good laugh.

Mocking miners is kind of our thing.

Longtime readers will remember Gripen ANM.

Someone didn’t learn their lesson!

Behold, a new incursion!

This time the miners were in for a real treat.

To be continued…

Tee Ka Gets PkD, Part 4

Tee Ka Gets PkD, Part 1

Previously, on AikoBomp

Tee Ka became an antiganker.

Then he invited me to mine with him?

However, I’m not a miner.

This would imperil our friendship.


The poor little guy got gunked on (yet again).

So Tee Ka cried at his best friend, Piper.

He urged her to betray Aiko!

To be continued…

End of an Era, Part 4

End of an Era, Part 1

Previously, on AikoBomp

An elite team engaged in untraditional PvE.

This is EvE Online.

The miners had a problem.

We don’t like them.

Their leadership team is trash.

So they cancelled their own incursion party.

Jason was gracious in defeat.

Eventually, the miners blamed us for their success.

They killed the Kundalini mothership, but said we did.

Some Pilot explained the logic.

Meanwhile, Zloki found a flaw in ganker strategy.

Are Highsec incursions too big to fail?

Would gankers allow the incursion community to die?

A new incursion was about to begin!

Who would catch mom first?

One team was on 24/7 standby…

Any moment now…

The clock was ticking…

To be continued…

Tee Ka Gets PkD (yet again)

Tee Ka Gets PkD, Part 1

Previously, on Aikotopia.com

Tee Ka became an antiganker.

Nothing could calm him down.

However, first he had to survive.

Unfortunately, this would require a lot of Highsec mining.

As an antiganker, he did his best to warn other miners.

However, he still has a soft spot for me.

In fact, Tee Ka has a lot of ganker friends.

He listed each of them.

It’s fair to say, Tee Ka likes me a lot.

However, he questions my good nature.

For some reason, he told me all about himself.

The antiganker decided to try his luck.

To be continued…

End of an Era, Part 3

Our incursion team is unstoppable.

Sir Balu began investigating.

The culprits are, well, us.


Our team developed its own unique strategy.

Meanwhile, the miners kept crying.

The next battleground was Ohide.

Halbarad “Carebearing” Dovanna was dismayed.

The crabs decided to kill their own incursion.

That’s fine with us.


Miners sure are stupid.

To be continued…

Tee Ka Gets PKd (again)

Previously, on AikoBompr

Tee Ka declared himself a miner rebel.

The poor little guy had a rough time in Highsec.


He vowed to become an antiganker.

Tee offered a lot of folksy wisdom.

As a member of my mining corp, he struggled to make miner friends.

The rebel leader had a curious history.

Like most Highsec miners, he was pathetic.

What would happen next?

To be continued…

End of an Era, Part 2

Previously, on AikoBompr

Incursions are despawning across Highsec.

After winning an incursion, our team set course to the next site.

Carebears were flummoxed.

Where was the free easy isk?

The miners suddenly had a lot more free time.

So they began crying in Discord.

Some searched in vain for a silver lining.

Others conspired to scam CCP with exaggerated grief.

Screeching could be heard across the galaxy.

Eventually, Hawk received a formal complaint.

This was amusing.

To be continued…

End of an Era

Hey there.

Something is happening to the incursions.

They are ending earlier than normal.

Incursion bears love easy passive income.

However, when the ‘mothership’ is destroyed, the isk faucet turns off.

Crabs don’t like to ‘win’ the event.

Instead, they try to drag it out as long as possible.

Wrathful Hawk decided to do something about this exploit.

He was joined by Jason Kusion, Andres M Afanador, [REDACTED], MOONPIRE, and a few other Highsec friends.

Their incursion community wanted to win.

Op success!

The miners were not pleased.

It was the end of an era.

To be continued…

Rebellion in Kamio

Cultural Center is a miner bumper.

100 million, or risk bump.

Muutaras urged the miners of Kamio to revolt.

Longtime readers will recall Kamio has always been uncivilized.

Muutaras vowed to devour the griefers.

He stood proudly on his soapbox.

Cultural patiently explained the law.

He also taught Muutaras some history.

Does anybody remember JTClone Ares?

Thanks for the free isk, bro!

Muutaras began brainstorming a plot.

Unfortunately, his rebel clout was diminished by his own history.

Muutaras is a graduate of the Princess Aiko School of Mining.

Even rebel leaders need a mining permit.

Muutaras made Cultural feel better.