End of an Era, Part 4

End of an Era, Part 1

Previously, on AikoBomp

An elite team engaged in untraditional PvE.

This is EvE Online.

The miners had a problem.

We don’t like them.

Their leadership team is trash.

So they cancelled their own incursion party.

Jason was gracious in defeat.

Eventually, the miners blamed us for their success.

They killed the Kundalini mothership, but said we did.

Some Pilot explained the logic.

Meanwhile, Zloki found a flaw in ganker strategy.

Are Highsec incursions too big to fail?

Would gankers allow the incursion community to die?

A new incursion was about to begin!

Who would catch mom first?

One team was on 24/7 standby…

Any moment now…

The clock was ticking…

To be continued…

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