How to Sell a Mining Permit, Part 10

Previously, in James 315 space… We learned about little Odbayar, the Mongolian menace, who lost everything in order to please Princess Aiko.

Carebear crybabies often wave the white banner, loudly proclaiming that so-called ‘scams’ are bad for the game. However, in fact, Odbayar never quit EVE. Instead, he’s doubled down, losing everything with gusto. If you don’t kill him, and take his stuff, I guarantee someone else will.  He clearly enjoys it.

Everybody loves to play EVE.

Shadow Cyrilus recently found A Cupcake, who craved thirty permits.

Shadow presented her with a solid financial plan, including options.

She selected a personalized plan, which fit both her needs and budget.

This is how you sell thirty lifetime mining permits. Easy!

Good job Shadow.

Eat that cupcake.

Nom. Nom. Nom.

It sure looks tasty.

Why is it getting so agitated? Cupcake, calm down!

Look, it has a friend!


Oh no!

I’m sure they’ll be fine.

It was all just a misunderstanding.

That’s right.

To be continued…




The Cataline Conspiracy (RELOADED)

Yesterday, in James 315 space, we examined how a Highsec mining corporation attempted to ‘corner’ the Catalyst market. Today, we announce that Princess Aiko has convinced Scooby Snacks Corp to continue their scheme.

If you are invested in Catalyst futures, this is good news. At press time, our Jita analyst reports prices already approaching the January 29 peak.

How many Catalysts can YOU manufacture and sell?

Two years ago, Scooby Snacks Corp attempted to bribe Aiko, with a gift of 3200 Catalysts in return for a ‘sweetheart’ deal. alazarr and alts have now decided to terminate the alliance, and intend to buy their Catalysts back at any cost.

You may recall the Great Catalyst Panic of 2019, when alazarr attempted a similar scheme, before giving up and handing the Catalysts to Aiko. We can only hope that a similar outcome presents itself, as alazarr vows to invest 7 trillion isk.

alazarr gave Aiko fair warning…

…but she rebuffed him with a diplomatic snub.

If the scheme continues, you can thank Aiko.

It’s gonna be a long expensive year.

What will happen next?

Why does Aiko keep doing this?

Oh no! Please don’t throw me in the briar patch!

EVE is such a great game, isn’t it?

The Cataline Conspiracy

Minx Mattel has long been a supporter of Princess Aiko.

You may have noticed that Catalyst prices spiked recently, peaking at 15 million isk per ship. Was this an antiganker conspiracy? Yes, it was.

Minx would know, since her market alt sold a lot of Catalysts.

I remember dab dabonez. Do you?

James 315 always loved his little Princess (that’s me!), because she was his favourite angel. In A Deal with Code, James described how Aiko and her big sister, Alt, helped Scooby Snacks Corp, with assistance from Drugs.

Two years later, James is dead, Aiko is a verified Godqueen, and old dabber finally saw his chance to drive a disbanded alliance from the game, by artificially manipulating the price of Catalysts. My, how the galaxy spins. 

Minx’s alt tried to explain economics, but dab wouldn’t listen.

dab spent two years blazing it, and wasn’t about to stop now.

dab’s alt alazarr was authorized to purchase Catalysts at any price.

What a champ.

Former CODE. gankers are the only people who mass produce Gallente destroyers, and we ramped up production to meet Scooby Snacks demand.

It was hard to keep up, and prices skyrocketed.

In an attempt to minimize supply, dab paid us to halt production.

Eventually, he ran out of money, and prices began to decline.

After attempting to list Catalysts at 15 million isk (and paying exorbitant broker fees), the market manipulator was forced to relist everything at a loss.

Stupid miner!





Riddle Me This, Part III

Riddle Me This, Part 1

Previously, in James 315 space… Riddle Voldemort was an evil miner, who lost everything when he hastily gave it all away.

Nine minutes later, he began to regret his investment.

Bankrupt and alone, Riddle finally hit rock bottom.

Riddle swore eternal fealty, trusting upon the mercy of Princess Aiko.

Consequently, he was lawfully convicted of botting.

Riddle was fortunate to hear the divine wisdom of royalty.

He thus received a new quest, to fetch 960 million isk.

Riddle truly loved his holy Princess.

What a happy miner.

Riddle lingered in the royal court, eager for additional favour.

Ultimately, he was a satisfied peasant.

What a lucky fellow.



Riddle Me This, Part 2

Previously, in James 315 space… Riddle Voldemort lost his poorly fit Tayra, and received instructions to promptly transfer the remainder of his assets to Cargo Bandit. In such cases, it is important to proceed as quickly as possible.

There was no time to waste.

Voldemort transferred his assets in haste.

Would it be enough to pay his debts?

Unfortunately, Voldemort was bankrupt!

His world was crashing down around him.

To be continued…