How to Sell a Mining Permit, Part 10

Previously, in James 315 space… We learned about little Odbayar, the Mongolian menace, who lost everything in order to please Princess Aiko.

Carebear crybabies often wave the white banner, loudly proclaiming that so-called ‘scams’ are bad for the game. However, in fact, Odbayar never quit EVE. Instead, he’s doubled down, losing everything with gusto. If you don’t kill him, and take his stuff, I guarantee someone else will.  He clearly enjoys it.

Everybody loves to play EVE.

Shadow Cyrilus recently found A Cupcake, who craved thirty permits.

Shadow presented her with a solid financial plan, including options.

She selected a personalized plan, which fit both her needs and budget.

This is how you sell thirty lifetime mining permits. Easy!

Good job Shadow.

Eat that cupcake.

Nom. Nom. Nom.

It sure looks tasty.

Why is it getting so agitated? Cupcake, calm down!

Look, it has a friend!


Oh no!

I’m sure they’ll be fine.

It was all just a misunderstanding.

That’s right.

To be continued…




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