As I continue to defend myself against the spurious allegation that I deliberately and intentionally invited miners to a channel, entitled Why Was I Ganked?, wherein I conspired with evil aforesight to tell such said miners to “calm down” all for the nefarious purpose of provoking an emotional reaction…

The truth is that I am innocent of ill intent.

A carebear might assume that I am a griefer, and that I am killing miners to prevent them from enjoying a free to play video game, harassing them both in game and in real life, all for the sole purpose of feeling better about the fact that I am a crazy cat spinster who still lives in my mother’s attic. However, there is a much deeper purpose which shows that I am truly engaged in EvE Online as a good CCP-fearing woman.

Yes, this blog was created to demonstrate before CCP, the community, impartial third-party observers, and the space UN that miners are not crying due to my inappropriate behaviour. In fact, as the evidence shows, miners are bad at a video game, and they are throwing grandiose temper tantrums to scam and deceive the Icelandic gods.

Furthermore, I am running a serious space business.

Last year, A bancy7 bought multiple lifetime mining permits.

Recently, I renegotiated our contract.

This isn’t griefing.

This is law and order.

Bancy needs a mixed doctrine permit.

Just read the original Code of new New Halaima.

You can’t mix Golems and Rattlesnakes, without a mixed permit!

I’m here to help.

What’s next? Retrievers and Covetors?

One thought on “THE TRUTH”

  1. Always good to see some source material in support of what we know to be the Truth.
    The carebears produce no evidence whatsoever for their outlandish claims.
    I was looking for the GM stuff a few days ago, but couldn’t find it. Thanks.
    Safety. First!

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