The last few months years have been a whirlwind.

I still remember when Raven x1 threatened to gangrape murder me. Subsequently, I learned that Kalvaen Voidwalker shot himself. Eventually, I also learned that Kalvaen was pretending. Meanwhile, I received emails encouraging me to cut my wrists and shoot myself. There was even a nice old man who suggested I light myself on fire. Finally, CCP concluded that I am harassing these poor innocents.

Searching for context, I reviewed the list of approved player character names. These include Dickbag McDickSucker, faglord faggerson, NaziMiner, Definiatel Racist Racist, Molesterman69 Rapeface, Jewed Auschwitz, Kill Yourself SrslyDoItNow, Ana-Lee Raped, pedofile pedobear, and niggniggniggniggniggnigg NiggNiggNigg. How can a modern corporation not be concerned about this? What did I do wrong, that was so terrible, which makes me the concern?

I tried to discuss this on an EvE Discord, which I thought was filled with reasonable adults. Unfortunately, these were just your typical carebears. They weren’t in the least bit concerned that EvE Online has a character called adolf-stalin-nigg3r jew-nigg3r. Nor were they concerned about IRL death threats.

The real concern, is that I tell miners to “Calm down.”

I find that argument utterly absurd.

Imagine playing Monopoly, and another player has a temper tantrum. You might say, “Calm down, shoe (or dog, or top hat, or car, or thimble). It’s just a game!” However, what if they flip over the board, ranting about how they are gonna cut you up, and send you to hell. As shocking as that might be, now imagine that you try to talk to someone about this, and they state, “Well, you did build a hotel on Boardwalk, and made the choice to charge rent. You clearly provoked this.” 

I wonder if CCP will ban me, over an exaggerated complaint.

I question why I play EvE, and whether I should continue.

I suppose the only thing to do is continue ganking miners, and urging them to calm down. I don’t want them to murder me, but I also don’t like mining.

If I shoot them all, they might finally understand.

AFK is not safe.

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