The Cataline Conspiracy

Minx Mattel has long been a supporter of Princess Aiko.

You may have noticed that Catalyst prices spiked recently, peaking at 15 million isk per ship. Was this an antiganker conspiracy? Yes, it was.

Minx would know, since her market alt sold a lot of Catalysts.

I remember dab dabonez. Do you?

James 315 always loved his little Princess (that’s me!), because she was his favourite angel. In A Deal with Code, James described how Aiko and her big sister, Alt, helped Scooby Snacks Corp, with assistance from Drugs.

Two years later, James is dead, Aiko is a verified Godqueen, and old dabber finally saw his chance to drive a disbanded alliance from the game, by artificially manipulating the price of Catalysts. My, how the galaxy spins. 

Minx’s alt tried to explain economics, but dab wouldn’t listen.

dab spent two years blazing it, and wasn’t about to stop now.

dab’s alt alazarr was authorized to purchase Catalysts at any price.

What a champ.

Former CODE. gankers are the only people who mass produce Gallente destroyers, and we ramped up production to meet Scooby Snacks demand.

It was hard to keep up, and prices skyrocketed.

In an attempt to minimize supply, dab paid us to halt production.

Eventually, he ran out of money, and prices began to decline.

After attempting to list Catalysts at 15 million isk (and paying exorbitant broker fees), the market manipulator was forced to relist everything at a loss.

Stupid miner!





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