The AWOX Files

Everybody knows the story.

Awox the awoxer, who awoxed his friends and family.

It sounds legit.

We’ve heard the story many times.

However, Awox always told a different tale…

He wasn’t an awoxer at all!

We brought him in for a quick interview.

This led to a surprising revelation.

I introduce to you, Awox the friendly carebear.

He couldn’t awox a fly.

He thinks awoxing is toxic.

The true story, according to Awox, is that the Mittani is a pedo.

Awox’s name is a tribute to his former employer’s beloved grandmother.

The goons invented griefplay to impugn her memory.

What a nice guy!

Awox prefers that people use my name, Aiko.

He’s also a fan!

…and now you know, the rest of the story.


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