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  1. *comments you*

    You gasp in surprise. “Nobody has commented in months, what’s going on..?” you whisper. Terrified, you read out their name – “NOT calm miner”. Shivers run down your spine, as a premonition hits you, an understanding of the events that are about to unfold.

    Your eyes quickly dart over to your other screen, but you only see darkness. Suddenly, your entire vision turns dark. After a moment that feels like eternity, your vision returns. You find yourself on the inside of a familiar ship. It is a venture, and upon seeing the pilot, chills run down your spine – it is YOU, Aiko Danuja, from the past!

    “NOOO!” you yell. “I am Aiko Danuja, Grand Sorceress of 24th Jihadswarm, Queen Regent of Highsec, Lord Admiral of the Highsec Militia, Old Guard of the Imperial Guards, FC of Isanamo, General Secretary of Halaima, Chief of Police, Executor of Mashtori, VC Queen Bee, Duchess d’Kor-Azor, HFA of Mangos, Queen in Lamaa, Empress of Amarr, Harbinger of Cupcakes, and Military Governess of the Bleak!! I am not a MINER!!”

    But she does not hear your protests. The mining lasers engage, and a single lone veldspar asteroid is being harvested for ressources. Tears roll down your cheeks, as your memories catch up with the events that are unfolding before you.
    Another venture lands on the grid next to your past self. A familiar sight strikes you like a whiplash, a tsunami of realization – it is of course, the fallen, the betrayed, the martyr, your long lost friend and love of your life… James315.

    He smoothly anchors up right next to you, engaging the mining lasers into the very same asteroid. The intercoms come to life: “This will be our lucky break, James” you hear yourself say in complete bliss. In response, James joyously tells you “Yes, Aiko! We will feed all of our kids and grandchildren with all the money we will make from this veldspar asteroid!”. A happy future lies before you – or so you thought.

    You already know what happens next, and your breathing turns heavy. You remember the sun darkening, as 7000 Hulks suddenly warp in on your position. Within seconds, a blinding light engulfs you and a roaring thunder takes over your senses. Your venture is almost torn apart from the sheer force applied around you. And then, as quickly as it started, it is already over.

    You remember it again, the nausea, the disbelief, the pressure building inside your head as you process the unprocessable. Your ship stands still, but you are trembling, fainting, and shaking.
    The asteroid is no more. Not a single piece was spared.

    You can see yourself, barely able to hold on to the seat, opening a communications channel with the fleet. Your voice breaks immediaetely: “Why did you do it?? Why did you take away our asteroid??!” You try to hold back your crying, but it is clearly audible.

    You remember the response that will come next. You feel the blinding rage inside you surge to life, the rage that has always been there since this fateful moment.

    A smug, taunting voice speaks back. A voice that has burned itself deep into your mind, no, your very soul itself. The voice that made you who you are. The voice of pure, undistilled evil.
    You recite their response perfectly : “Listen, it is entirely legal to mine asteroids anywhere within empire space, nobody owns any asteroids here. How are we supposed to make money without mining? Besides, this asteroid is going to buy us all a nice happy meal, and we all like to be happy, don’t we? Perhaps we can give you one as well, once you find another asteroid, but good luck with that, hehehehe!”

    And suddenly, your mind goes still.
    You remember being taken away, to a different time and different place.
    The injustice. The powerlessness. The glee taken in your suffering. It all surrounds you, but held back, as if blocked by an invisible dam.
    For a moment, you glimpse your future, your destiny. And a promise.
    The end of all miners.
    And then the dam breaks.

    Your vision turns to a blur, as you lose control of yourself. Anger and fury that you have never known before is unleashed, you scream out that they will all die for this, every miner is going to die. “You and your small venture? Don’t make me scared, or I will have to report you to the Concord!” is the last thing you hear, followed by roaring laughter. Blank rage completely takes you over, your vision turns dark as you scream, cry and curse into the void.

    Upon waking, you find yourself on the floor next to your table, within your well-secured bunker. Your normaly orderly arranged room is now in complete disarray. You are still faint, barely able to get on your feet as your elite soldiers storm into the room. “Are you hurt, Princess Aiko?!”they ask, with audible tremble in their voice.
    You muster all your strength to briefly compose yourself, and give a firm “Out.” in response.
    Of course, these soldiers will have die for their failure to protect you. But you realize, whatever just took place, is nothing quite like you ever experienced. You try to look up the comment again, but are unable to find it. The user has never existed.

    Whoever, or whatever it was, wanted to remind you of your past, to remind you who you once were.
    But while you are still in turmoil, you are still undeterred. Whoever piloted that venture died this day, and gave birth to you instead. Calculating, disciplined, resolute, *better*. As you regain your composure, the broiling rage inside you gives way to the cold void that you are used to feel. A void that must be sated with the blood of miners.

    You decide to postpone the execution orders for now. Reliving the fateful day has put you in a particularly sour mood for miners. You swiftly make your way to your personal elevator, soldiers along the way salute you, radiating rigor, discipline and undying loyalty. The response fleet is already forming as you enter the catalyst. You repeat the orders as you are always used to giving, and your loyal army obliges. “For every star that dots the universe, one miner must die today.”.
    It is going to be a very long day.

    “Praise Aiko!” is reverberated throughout the entire starbase, again and again, as the fleet takes off.
    Today, the miners will be hunted.
    Today, the miners will once again know fear.

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