Stupid Bots

EvE Online offers consistent gameplay.

First, you find a bot and kill them.

They don’t seem to mind.

You can tell they are bots, cuz they just keep mining.

Afterward, there’s a meet and greet with local citizens.

Some miners enjoy having a princess in their life.

However, a salty antiganker inevitably arrives.

These miners are especially stupid.

Antigankers are the most incompetent people in the game.

I can kill them with twelve hands tied behind my back.

Naturally, the antiganker spun defeat into delusions of victory.

Curiously, Inquisitor admitted to botting. Antigankers try to defend bots, but the ‘people’ they ‘protect’ don’t care, and aren’t even at their keyboard. Regardless, the antigankers consider this a heroic success, which they fail at continuously.

These miners know ganking isn’t PvP.

You need two players for ‘real’ PvP.

Eventually, the botter returned to his keyboard, discovering that two Macks are missing. As always, he used this as an opportunity to gloat about meaningless killrights.

Of course, he blamed one of his kids, and sought sympathy by pretending to help the other bots.

Miners sure do love mining!

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