Tee Ka’s Big Revenge

Tee Ka Gets PKd, Part 1

That’s right.

That’s right!

Tee Ka is a friendly miner.

He’s been around a while.

His alts like to talk him up.

These stories are unbelievable.

Tee Ka is also prone to emotional outbursts.

This is because he was defeated, again and again.

Along the way, his other alt learned to eject.

This is fine with us.

We’ve given him fair warning.

We’ve tried to help.

There he is, a known neutral.

Recently, Tee Ka leveled up…

He ganked an explorer!!!

Even with carebear mods, ganking is harder than it looks.

As Tee Ka celebrated his great revenge…

…he soon discovered kill rights.

Then we ganked him back (again and again).

Two can play that ganker game!

He’s gradually accepted reality.

Another happy miner.

Good for him!


Tee Ka went on to die many more times.


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