Code Ready Gelhan, Part 48

Code Ready Gelhan, Part 1

Previously, Mission Ready Mining fled Gelhan.

Meanwhile, Georgia enjoyed a few rounds of the ol isk double.

This would help finance the Tunnel Snake Empire.

AFK isk making was easier than ever.

Even TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet got in on the action.

PLOT TWIST: A Mission Ready director fell in love with Cultural Center.

I’ve been told this is important to the story.

A chance encounter between Agent Cultural Center and Megan Shadowkiss – a key member of the MRMNG directorate … This new bond would have significant consequences later on…

As I expected, Megan was another stupid blonde. Hmph!

Which brings us to December 17, 2017.

Georgia was caught selling mining permits to newbros.

The miners urged Georgia to return to Jita.

However, Georgia brought plenty of isk from Jita.

Would Georgia give isk, or take it away?

That’s when the boys had a cunning plan.

We rolled a large number of new characters. More than 1000. The primary purpose of the 1000+ alts we applied into MRMNG was to send in-game corp mails. These characters were rolled and applied into MRMNG beginning late in 2017. No applications were ever rejected. We planned to burn our alts in various ways, one at a time, over the course of 1000+ days. We wanted enough that we could have fun and be creative. Short of a mass kick, it would be tough to root us out.

Our alts adopted various personas. They would surface posing as concerned linemembers, newly promoted corp officers, Agents of the New Order, Metallica enthusiasts, chronically ill teenagers, and so on. Over 9000 corp mails were sent over the course of the campaign, which ensured uninterrupted dialogue between New Order Agents and the remaining 2000 members of Mission Ready Mining.

This would not end well, for Mission Ready Mining.

Each character received a unique handcrafted portrait.

One day, the alliance executor (Gai Heiyuu) logged in.

He was a real chump.

To be continued…

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