Code Ready Gelhan, Part 47

Listening to: Tunnel Snakes Rule!

Code Ready Gelhan, Part 1

Mission Ready Mining (aka Fly Fearless) was not ready.

Years ago, Kalongned wrote a brief recap.

He wrote this back when I was busy euthanizing CODE.

After fleeing to Uemiseisen, the miners were still not ready.

Fortunately, an elite Assistance Group was deployed.

The AG team loves helping miners get ready!

In particular, they train miners to fight the Tunnel Snake Empire.

My alliance URL honors their experience, with a URL.

I also enjoy cybersex.

AG instructors would bump miners, during simulated Snake attacks.

Mission Ready Mining thus enjoyed a free Platinum training regimen.

This came with easy to understand audio instructions.

Miner bootcamp would continue indefinitely, and could only be terminated via payment of a modest cancellation fee.

Tunnel Snakes bump, gank, and wardec miners in Highsec. They tend to be rude to everyone, and spend much of their time cussing in local. Tunnel Snake sympathizers are also known to use vulgar language.

Meanwhile, local chat was continuously filled with fascinating factoids.

Founded in 2017, Assistance Group is a group of Trainers who are dedicated to defending Highsec. Assistance Group provides the expertise and support Highsec miners need to defend themselves against the Tunnel Snake menace.

The Tunnel Snakes have a number of corporations under their direct/indirect control. More specific intel on Tunnel Snakes and/or their affiliated organizations is only available to Class B or higher Trainers.

BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR: Individuals with the words ‘Tunnel Snake’ in player biographies, ship names, corporation names, etc. Class B and above Trainers can report Tunnel Snake activity in our invite-only intel channel.

Assistance Group’s hands on approach to training gives Highsec miners the edge they need to rid Highsec the Tunnel Snake menace. This means defeating not only the Tunnel Snakes, but their sympathizers and puppets as well.

Assistance Group Trainers provide our Highsec partners with a variety of exciting training opportunities, including: bumping, ganking, and more. This training prepares our partners for the tactics employed by our shared enemy.

Trainers work alone or in groups, Trainers can be found in icebelts and other areas designated as ‘training grids’, Not all training sessions are announced; many trainers consider any grid they occupy to be a training grid.

By November, the ‘Fly Fearless’ alliance was afraid.

In order to address this, live fire exercises began.

Many many miners were tested, and all were unready.

War was imminent!

As trainers, Kalorned and Tweeps listened to Fly Fearless comms.

This was most instructive.

To be continued…

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