Antiganking Cowards

Hypocrite antigankers call us newbro griefers.

Newbro Rion Bancroft was griefed, by antigankers in fancy cats.

Who is really griefing the newbros?

Giacomo Restivo is another antigank loser, desperate for relevance.

He put his name in CAPITALS, hoping someone would notice him.

He’s an absolute zero, accomplishing nothing at a safe distance.

Giacomo is also a space pedo – living in a rookie system.

Gankers fight fair, against CONCORD…

…but Giacomo waits for newbros to misclick on a yellow box.

Giacomo gets off on easy kills.

He brings his alt, in case the venture shoots back.

Gankers use tier 1 destroyers. Cowards use faction fit Hecates.

I give miners a fighting chance.

Unlike antiganking pedos, I’m not hiding in a Highsec blingmobile.

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