Murder for Hire

I run a PvP alliance.

Highsec is my SAFE space.

Recently, toxicninja had a Safety incident.

Subsequently, he investigated the origin of his demise.

As toxic suspected, this was a targeted assassination.

Could he guess who ordered the hit?

That’s right! It was his old nemesis, HogTits.

For nearly a full day, HogTits bullied and griefed his way through Torrinos.

Jinx Beirutbomb > Can I inquire as to the nature of your dispute?
toxicninja > honsetly i was just minning
toxicninja > he said target aquired and left the astroid feild

However, ninja needed more evidence.

Would another ganker confirm Jinx’s testimony?

She sung like a bird, throwing HogTits under the bus.

ninja had been caught by a professional bounty hunter.

Novus Plebbo wannabes copy me, because I’m the best.

In a game like EvE Online, social skills matter.

I killed toxicninja, and he liked it.

I run a “very pro team”.

In fact, we are going to kill them all.

They can thank us later.

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