I’ve been busy.

Today, I shall discuss mining permits.

Recently, SSno1 bought a permit pass.

He also bought one for his friend, SSno2.

I love to help.

It’s not a scam!

Unfortunately, SSno1 broke the law.

Can you guess his CODE. violation?

Shadow Cyrilus > SSno1 were you afk?
SSno1 > no
SSno1 > of course not
Shadow Cyrilus > Have you read the code?
SSno1 > yes
SSno1 > of course

Scroll down to find out SSno1’s violation!

Are you ready?

You won’t believe what happened.

SSno1 > I use 2 ships
SSno1 > I need opperate ships
SSno1 > I was ganked
SSno1 > Kill: SSno1 (Capsule) Kill: SSno1 (Scorpion Navy Issue)
SSno1 > I opperates 2 ships
Aiko Danuja > You were using two permits simultaneously which means you need a simultaneous use visa.

SSno1 was using two permits at once!

Multiboxers need a simultaneous use visa.

I also offered to help with his inventory.

I’m an ethical ship doubler.

SSno2 agreed to cooperate.

However, he tried to scam me.

Come on, I wasn’t born yesterday.

Once I got the modules…

…it was time to invite SSno1 to my gingerbread house.

What a happy miner.

He even made a friend.

Nobody griefed SSno1 out of the game.

He left on his own terms.

I’m glad I could help!

SSno1 isn’t a victim – he is a fan!

Best of luck to SSno1’s new owner!

That’s how I roll!

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