Unholy Unpas

The New Order has heritage and history.

Of course, agents are always (get it?) excited to visit Holy Halaima, which James 315 settled in 2012. However, there are many noteworthy systems, such as Arvasaras (where James learned to bump) and Kino (where rebellion triggered eternal Triglavian damnation). Uedama and Isanamo were established as staunch bastions, whilst Agil is celebrated as the birthplace of Princess Aiko. More recently, other systems rose to prominence. For example, in Auviken, the mighty Safety. alliance first eclipsed the dottering CODE. alliance. Likewise, we behold UNHOLY UNPAS, a system infested by Ventures.

It was in Unpas, where we established ourselves as the #1 PvP Champions of ALLTIME. If Halaima is our Mecca, then Unpas is our Medina. It is in Unpas, where heroes such as Shekelstein Shakiel, BigNoseRabbi OyVeyShekels, and CALM DOWN MINERS share the GOOD NEWS with all minerdom. Meanwhile, in adjacent Uitra, false agents lead miners astray with terrible missions.

I remember my own humble beginnings, as a women’s studies major at Hedion University, in the system of Conoban. I was so scared and nervous, that first time I snuck out of the starter system, exploring the adjacent wasteland of Mora. I expected to die instantly, when I jumped the gate, but soon found myself utterly bored with the mundane realities of Highsec. Fortunately, students at Uitra have a more engaging experience. They even have a saying there, “Unpas, where Ventures go to die.”

CCP frowns at shooting newbros in Uitra, but there’s no rule against euthanizing them, once they leave the reservation. Ah, but here’s a question…

Does Venture hunting provide quality content?

Yes, yes, I think so.

Unpas is a sacred place.

Unpas is a SAFE space.

Rejoice, for in Unpas was the Order born anew.


The mighty Goonswarm Federation supports Princess Aiko.

I kill Highsec miners, me for my service.

I’m just a girl, sorry!

I don’t know what miners are on about.

Will they ever calm down?

I’m having fun in EvE Online.

Here’s a fun fact about making money in EvE Online.

SEO marketing is a SAFE way to win EvE mining tips and tricks.

Here’s some artwork by Destiny Corrupted.

I’m not sure how to zoom in. Oh, you can click on it.

Haha, @ the miners!

I think this is funny.


I’m the best.

In the entire history of EvE Online, nobody has killed more skiffs than me.

I don’t have time to blog, because I’m kinda busy.

Eventually, I’ll do something else, right?

For now, listen to Gallofree Rushmore remind us that EvE Online is a PvP game. Just in case these bears delete their videos, he said (and I quote), “This is a PvP game… but go PvP with somebody who is at their computer.”

Haha! His friend xXDeathsSwiftXx also had something to say.

Ok, I got stuff to do!


Hey there, I’m Princess Aiko.

I’m nice and cute!

Today, I got my ten thousandth killmail.

I’m a real PvP super heroin.

I’m the best possible princess of all possible princesses.

Ok, see you later!


Tick tock – time’s up!

I’ve had a great year.

What are your plans for 2022?

What do you think I’m gonna do?

I’m probably gonna keep going.

I’ll see you next year!

I’m here to help.


no title dont care

We are having fun in EvE Online.

I just want to extirpate the galaxy.

I’m glad that I’ve made so many friends.

However, some people don’t like me.

Twitch miner Owlsec is salty about his incompetence.

He literally did this to himself.

He has vowed revenge.

I guess you can’t please everyone.

EvE is not Minecraft

EvE is not Minecraft.

EvE is for adults.

It’s like a video game, but way more realistic.

Imagine, vampires in outer space.

If you aren’t scared, you are a fool.

Something wicked, this way comes.

Here’s a pro tip.

Something is out there, in that dark starry night.

Do you feel safe?

Second Day of Christmas

With a little faith, you can double your Xmas pleasure.


Everyone is having a great time in EvE Online.


Antiganker alazarr spent years trying to buy every Catalyst in New Eden.

Sometimes, the best revenge takes a really long time.

Thanks for the free cats, bro!

There’s never been a better time to enlist.

Hey, this blog just writes itself.

Gosh, you guys are the greatest.

I really do appreciate it, and it does keep me going.

Ganking is neither easy, nor inexpensive.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Haha, very funny Wah Huren!

Merry Holidaysmas!

Ho ho ho!

It’s snowing in Hek!


Pro streamer CptFruitBear encountered our special Uedama team.

It’s that special time of year!

Everybody loves a joyous spirit.

What do you want this year?

Haha, you wish!

Holiday Truce

As you know, there is a ceasefire.

The miners are rejoicing, amidst peace and prosperity.

What a wonderful Yuletide.

Everyone is getting that snowflake spirit.

Nadia Bulkalov visited my award-winning Why Was I Ganked? channel.

James 315 had Ripard Teg, and I’ve got Nadia.

It was fun to meet her, in person (in real-life).

What a total funster.

Ok, cya!

Live Update!